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I Need A House Call

OK, get your minds out of the gutter. It's Dr House's medical services I could use. Ya know that cold/flu/just let me die now thing that's been going around? Yep, I got it. At 1:30 in the morning to be precise. It has not been a fun day.

Anyway, after a very hot shower to take away some of the aches and pains, I sat down to watch House. I don't know if everyone recalls the episode that made them fall in love with a show. The episode that turned you from a regular viewer to a dedicated fan freaking out if the VCR screwed up recording. With ST:TNG it was 'The Best of Both Worlds', The X-Files,'Ice', BtVS, 'Fool For Love', and Farscape had me at 'DNA Mad Scientist'. And now 'DNR' has me wondering when the hell the DVDs will be released?!

I usually quote a favorite line or two, but there were just too many great one's in this episode. This show has an unbelievable writing staff. The charcaters are consistently 'on' with one witty retort after another, yet it's all said in a very natural and believable way. I don't get the scripted feel at all.

Wait, I did have a favorite line/moment - "I'm in pain." Perhaps with another actor you may be left with a double meaning to that, but does anyone doubt he was *not* talking about the physical pain? We know this guy's carrying a lot of baggage (oh, how I adored the little speech in which the patient turned the tables on the doctor and diagnosed him), but it goes far beyond his physical ailment and we really haven't a clue why yet.

Speaking of revealing things - Eric Foreman! MUWAHAHAHAHA! I was actually waiting for House to call him a dumbass. :p

Dr Hamilton was not a good doctor. The last kind of physician I want if I were to be facing a life threatening illness was one that follows the "what will be will be" code of conduct. And humility doesn't save lives. Who cares if he feels bad *after* the patient is dead? House is opininated and over confidant to a fault - he does make mistakes, many of them - but he owns up to them and learns from them.

I had a doctor I parted ways with about five years ago. He had prescribed medication to me to help with my acne. When I began to have a allergic reaction to it, he ignored the symptoms. When I ended up in the emergency room the ER doctor determined I was allergic to tetracyclene. My doctor, when confronted with this information, refused to accept it - he claimed I was suffering from a virus. Unable to admit he made an error, I never saw him again. It wasn't that he made me ill (you never know what your allergic to until you have a reaction), it's that he was incapable of saying he, even inadvertantly, had anything to do with it.

So, I could take the arrogance, the flippancy, the 'meanness' if I knew the doctor cared. And while House would never dare admit that, instead letting everyone think it's merely about solving the puzzle, there's no way he'd risk his career - his way of solving the puzzle - if the human factor didn't play a part in his decision making.

Alright, I'll throw a bone to the slashers ;), even though I have no House/Wilson lust in my heart I do have to say it was pretty darn cute the two of them watching soaps together. And someone else understands the importance of waiting until the commercial! :-)
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