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Battlestar Galactica

Helo and Boomer were betrayed by a pop tart! What's even more interesting is no matter that these folks evolved on an entirely different system of planets, humanity has an inate instinct to develop toaster pastries!

Enough with the mocking, overall I really enjoyed this episode. I feared that Adama and Lee were going to take the 'leave no man' behind principle too far and disobey the president's implied orders. As important as Starbuck was to them and the Viper pilot program, they couldn't risk the fleet in what was a seemingly doomed search.

I liked the shout out to the old series in Starbuck making her way back to the Galactica on the enemy ship. I recall in the original that after a mission Starbuck and Apollo were forced to commandeer a Cyclon ship to return to the fleet. In that case, they had to "waggle" the wings to prove they weren't the enemy. A manuever that was used again on the final approach. :) If I also remember correctly, the ship would be used again in an attack on a basestar.

Part of me wishes that Adama didn't get over his anger towards Starbuck so quickly. Then again, when you come that close to losing someone you care about and you think about what the last thing was you said to them I guess I can understand the moving on quickly. And Adama's remark to Apollo - if it was him they'd never leave. Damn, I got a little choked up there.

Why was Boltar in this ep? Was it just an excuse to get the Cylon chick's breasts in a shot? Otherwise, I really didn't see the point to that scene.

And my final thought......ARMS OF APOLLO!! ::drools::

OK, back to collapse on the couch and try not to hack up a lung.
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