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The bad puns are back! Yes, I know you've missed them and I was inspired tonight. I took notes during the episode people. Notes! And I don't think I've taken this many since Buffy ended. Unfortunately, due to extreme exhaustion and a stuffy head, my observances, theories, etc. are not going to be nearly as well formulated as I'd like. I also know if I don't get this down now, well, I'm a slacker and who knows when I'll get to it.

"I don't need to watch 'The O.C.', but it makes me happy."

Was it House's best line? No. But, damn, if I don't like the idea of myself and Dr House both spending our Thursday's amused at Seth and wondering why the hell Marissa hasn't died yet. (And, yes, I know Dr House is a fictional character, but I'm still greatly amused so let me have my moment. :p)

We got Wilson snark tonight ("In Swedish, friend can be translated as limping twirp"). Sure, we've had a line or two in episodes past, but this was a lot of snark. And Foreman thought it was bad when just House was on his case...

As most of you know (I say most since I know I have a few new folks reading this ::waves:: ), I'm not really into the whole slash thing be it 'House' or any other show. But, damn, even I'm starting to pick up on it here. I didn't bother to list all the moments because I knew no_detective would do a much better job ;). The "Just because Wilson asked" line does stick in my mine though.

I have to admit, I was disappointed to see, yet again, Foreman make a snap judgement/diagnosis. He wants to know why House keeps pushing him it's because of that crap. Foreman is probably a brilliant doctor if only he'd remember he's at a teaching hospital (in other words, learning hospital) and would stop accepting the first and easiest diagnosis that pops into his head.

But, this nagging trait of his to come to quick conclusions provides us with the jumping off point for what will be somel interesting parallels. House assumes (and we all know what they say about assuming) that Foreman's disregard of the homeless must be do to some personal experience. Right idea about personal history forming ones perspective, wrong person. Mr I Like To Dig For The Truth soon discovers how much he doesn't yet know about his closest friend. Meanwhile, two med students charged with the task of getting a patient's personal history come up with wildly different reports because of their own lacking observational skills.

Whether it was charts, files, drawings, photos, etc we were constantly confronted with a lot cursory information that provided pieces of a person's life but couldn't reveal the bigger picture of who that person was.

Speaking of House, I had an epiphany though I'd hazzard to guess many others have already had this realization (thus far my reading of posts about the show has been relegated to my Flist). I think it's evident that House likes to solve a good mystery. I use to think that that mystery was the illnesses of his patients. Not so much anymore. It's not the 'what' that's causing a patient to be sick that interests him, but the 'why' of this particular mystery needing to be solved. In this case, why Wilson was so interested in seeing this woman cared for seemed to be the trigger. He's a man who would like to make you believe he abhors human nature, yet is endlessly drawn to it.

One other thing that struck me tonight that unlike other medical shows, 'House' deals with the ambiguities of life and death. I have no idea at what point it becomes too late to treat rabies, but had they figured out the symptoms a day sooner, could they have at least attempted to treat her? We don't know. And while we do know that for two years she lived with the guilt over the death of her husband and son, should she have? Was it the fact of 'simply' being at the wheel at the time of the crash that made her feel responsible? Or, was she drunk or driving recklessly? In the end, for her and for us it didn't really matter. And am I the only one who was weepy?
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