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Reasons to Love TV Again

I found out via _jems_ today that Battlestar Galactica has been picked up for a second season by Sci-Fi. Which presesnts me with an unfathonable situation. Not a single show I like has been canceled this season. What the frell is up with that? If I'm lucky one or two are safe, but *all* of them?!?! And it's not exactly like my taste or IQ went down and I'm readily excepting the networks mainstream fair. Honestly, I thought House was going to be the show to follow in the steps of Profit or Firefly for me. But, nooooo, the show is winning it's time slot and placing in the top 30. Has FOX had a breakout hour long drama since The X-Files?

House</i> has been an unexpected surprise to me in other ways too. I'm generally pretty informed when it comes to new fall shows and midseason replacements. But I had heard nothing about House until I caught a commercial by chance one night. My first thought was "Is that Hugh Laurie?" followed by "What the hell is he doing on an American TV show??". So, being a fan since I first saw him on Black Adder I tuned in even though FOX launching an intelligent and witty drama is about as likely as J Lo's current marriage being her last.

No surprise to any of you, I was impressed. I mean, I thought I could eviscerate people verbally, I bow before the king. ;) I liked the show a lot from day one. Last week I fell in love with it. And sometime between last night and tonight it hit me that this is my favorite show of the 2004-2005 season. Like Buffy, Farscape, and The X-Files before it, it's all about the characters for me. I could care less about the patient or illness of the week, it's the journey of the doctors and seeing how they deal with the latest life and death situation thrown at them that so fascinates me. Also like those others shows, House has ruined me for my other weekly regulars.

I won't go into detail because there really is no point in me wasting my time or yours, but in comparison to brilliant amd nuanced writing and acting I saw Lost in a new and unflattering light this evening. The flashbacks, once a clever way to reveal the history of our leads now seem like pointless time fillers. Characterization, sketchy and superficial at best, has now come to a screeching halt. And apparently because it was done out of love, we're suppose to overlook the complete suspension of logic of Charlie's actions. When Charlie and Claire are boring me, JJ you've got a problem.

I had really mixed feeling about this episode until the last five minutes. There were moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. Specifically, Sydney's paranoia manifesting itself and, much like Vaughn's confession a couple weeks ago, us being made privy to what's been haunting Syd. Sloane betraying her - a no brainer. Her fear that her father despises her because she's a reminder of her mother? That was a bit of a surprise. But, not the kick to the gut that was her pronouncement to Vaughn that he betrayed her by marrying Lauren. I loved that moment for several reasons. First, Syd has neither gotten over nor, perhaps worse, forgiven that as she claims to have. Vaughn may try to reassure her that he knows she wasn't herself when she said it, but you can tell both of them know better. The feeling is still there and while Vaughn may have earlier wanted to discuss that they needn't take it so slow, I'm sure he's rethinking that satnce.

OK, as much as I love Syd and Vaughn smooching that fight was damn hot (starting with the "on your knees", I'll be in my bunk...). Reminded me a bit of Spuffy. ::sniff::

But, the very best part of this episode? The Dixon verbal smackdown of Sloane. Not just because that speech was perfect. Not just because it was about damn time that we were shown that Dixon hadn't forgotten about what went down with the death of his wife. But because the big problem with this season thus far has been our heros working with the villian. And Sloane needs to be the villian or at the very least the outsider who they are only forced to work with out of utter necessity. This one big happy family schtick just ain't cutting it. To now know Dixon knows it's all a load of crap and that's he's just waiting for Sloane to reveal the truth gives me hope that a truth will soon be revealed.

And now I'm going to yake a moment to brag, which will probably blow up in my face, but, oh well.....

I'm going to meet Bruce Campbell! I'm going to meet Bruce Campbell!

Well, me and anyone else who buys a copy of his new book. He'll be doing a book signing here sometime in July. Now, I *really* wish I had some Brisco County merchendise for him to autograph. Hmmmm, wonder if there is anything on ebay.....
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I wanna meet Bruce Campbell! You suck. :P I really wish they would put Briscoe on dvd, I loved that show.
I love your icon! I was wondering how fast that line would be utilized. ;-)

All the shows FOX is putting out on DVD, I can't understand why Brisco hasn't made an appearance yet. And they had a full season!
Bruce Campbell! Oh I am all sorts of jealous. Take pictures if you can. :D

(And it looks like you're feeling better - good to see.)
Yeah, I'm wondering if they allow pictures to be taken. I will be getting a new camera phone shortly so I could at least sneak one in. ;-)
The one good thing about being up this early in the morning (except not as early as it would be for you if you were up right now) is that I have Alias on download already so it will definately be ready the moment I get home. Yaaaay!

I am beginning to see what you mean about House. The Mystery Illness of the Week is just filler. But he's making me feel sad about how sad he really seems to be. On the other hand the pyschosis-from-copper-poisoning was very good. I'll get another ep soon.
I am beginning to see what you mean about House.

Bout damn time! ;p I'm so happy that people are seeing in the show what I see. Thus far, I haven't had a single person tell me I'm least about the show. ;-)
Hey Asta

I hear a rumour you like Joshua Jackson (and maybe Patrick Stewart). I got a poster signed by them on my theatre trip on Tuesday (details on my LJ) - it's yours if you want it.
I don't know where you heard the rumor about Joshua Jackson (not true), but I am a fan of Mr Stewart's. I'd love to have it if you don't want it, but I would think it would be a very nice momento for you to keep.
Autolycus! The King of Thieves! Yodel-ey-hee-hoo!

Sue me. I liked Bruce on Xena.

Yeah, Lost was extra stoopid.
I think the only time I watched Xena is when Bruce was on. :) Surprisingly, the one thing I really wasn't impressed with that I saw him on was The X-Files.
Bruce Campbell the pride of Royal Oak Michigan! Damn you lucky thing. I've got Brisco County on vhs from the Columbia Record thingey but dvd would be even better.
I still miss that show damn it.
I would think he'd be making more than one stop in the state. If he's coming to the west side, wouldn't he want to cover your neck of the woods as well?

I taped all the eps of Brisco and still have them buried in my closet somewhere. Can you imagine what a hoot the commentaries would be on the DVDs? :-)
You're meeting Bruce Campbell!! I'm so happy for you! I do hope FOX someday releases Brisco County, one of my faves.

I know I sound stupid, but when is House on, Monday nights? I need to start watching it.

I agree about Lost. It didn't hold my interest, and the flashback did not clearly illustrate Charlie's actions at all, it was pointless. And now we'll never know what Ethan was up to - unless he wasn't alone....

As for Alias, I'll paraphrase my favorite exchange: Vaughn - "You removed the bullets." Jack - "I thought it a prudent measure." Hee! Jack is usually one step ahead of everyone :)
I know I sound stupid, but when is House on, Monday nights? I need to start watching it.

TUESDAY. Tuesday. Tuesday at 8cst. :)

As for Alias, I'll paraphrase my favorite exchange: Vaughn - "You removed the bullets." Jack - "I thought it a prudent measure." Hee! Jack is usually one step ahead of everyone :)

LOL. Yeah, I loved that exchange too. Jack knows his little girl so well. ;)
Asta - re: Lost... I totally agree with you about Charlie. So many people absolutely LOVE his character and I can't imagine how. I mean, even since the beginning, he's been stalkerish, annoying, weak, whiney, sniveling and has a sense of entitlement that he so doesn't deserve. And last night, I was like "WTF" - how could anyone forgive that?! They all worked so hard to capture him alive. Even Sawyer (gasp!).. and he, COMPLETELY SELFISHLY does what did... Come on!? How can anyone forgive him that - and so quickly. Sure, he was hung, pretty much died...but I don't get the feeling it was revenge. This was all about Claire... and all about him doing something to "protect" Claire. Fuck you, Charlie - what gives you the right? Selfish fucker.

Whew. I feel better now.

Alias rocked.

-- Me
So, you weren't happy with the latest turn of events? ;)

I've actually liked Charlie up until last night. When he blew Ethan away how I viewed him and the show changed drastically. I honestly didn't have a huge problem with the trying to protect Claire bit. It was a point. But, killing the guy who kidnapped both of them, who holds the secrets to what happened to them, and possibly, oh, a way off the bloody island! was such a stupid, selfish move it's unforgiveable for me. Not to mention, Charlie is now a murderer which *has* to change a person. Yet, how much money do we want to bet the show won't address that? Hell, instead of being freaked out by what she witnessed, *that's* what show's Claire what a wonderful guy Charlie is?!

Alias rocked muchly in comparison. :)
Hey, where'd you find about that? Bruce's tour dates aren't up at yet, so I'm just curious. :) Hopefully he'll come back here to Ann Arbor again (he is a Michigander after all!)..I've met him 3 times already, he's a great guy!
I don't think there is any official word yet. I have a friend who works at the bookstore and she had just gotten word from management that he was coming sometime in July.
1. Have you seen Bruce's guest spot on Homicide? It was a two-parter, if I recall. He played the cop son of a cop killed in the line of duty. It was stark, dramatic, superb tv, very moving.

Bruce has chops, man. Way beyond comedy.

And I bet you'd be the only person to bring up Homicide when you meet him. (the tv show, not what you'll do to him if he doesn't take you on the floor of the bookstore- right there, right then).

2. I believe I pointed out the severe limits of the flash-back device on Lost several weeks ago. I'm just that prescient.

As to last night's ep. I liked the stuff on the Island well enough - except Charlie's idiotic murder of Ethan.

Boys and girls with guns - muscles flexed. All good.

I wish they'd just stick to the Island from now on. Only flashback when it absolutely serves a purpose. And then, only fragmentarily, not as a structural device for an entire ep.

Listening, JJ?

3. Raise your hand if you too thought Sydney was gonna eat that spider on the sink?

I quite liked the ep. Loved Dixon's speech, like you. Though you gotta wonder how smart it was for hims to let Sloane know explicitly that he (Dixon) now had the imagination to be a threat to him (Sloane).

Re Sydney's psychologically revealing hallucinations, reminded me of Nightmares.
I have seen his appearance on 'Homicide'. Considering how devoted his fan base seems to be, I'm sure there will be many people there aware of his work on the show. I'd probably ask some questions about Brisco given the chance since one of the writers/producers is the son of one of the late partners of my firm.

Raise your hand if you too thought Sydney was gonna eat that spider on the sink?

It crossed my mind, but then it seemed too over the top even for 'Alias'. You have to believe Bell and Goddard were in a meeting though going "Vampires! We have to do something with vampires! People love them, really." ;-)

Loved Dixon's speech, like you. Though you gotta wonder how smart it was for hims to let Sloane know explicitly that he (Dixon) now had the imagination to be a threat to him (Sloane).

I still think Sloane has the 'I'm smarter than everyone else mentality' (in fairness, he has seemed to have outsmarted everyone so far) so while he'll keep a closer eye on Dixon, he probably doesn't see him as a real threat.
Not a single show I like has been canceled this season. What the frell is up with that?

I'm so annoyed, because you prompted me to tempt fate by marvelling at this phenomenon in _jems_'s journal, and the next thing I heard was that FOX cut its order for Arrested Development episodes.

I'm also seriously annoyed with last night's Lost. There was no connection between point A and point B with Charlie's actions.

I'm trying to put my finger on why Alias didn't work for me either. But I agree that Dixon's smackdown of Sloane was awesome and gave me the big love for both Rifkin and Lumbly. Just when I thought Dixon was being too complacent, they pulled that out of the hat.
and the next thing I heard was that FOX cut its order for Arrested Development episodes.

WHAT?!?!?! Those frelling #@!%*#@)$*#$!! I swear, unless it's animated FOX hasn't a clue as to how to market a comedy (and I don't count 'Malcolm' because that plays like a live action Simpsons).
Forget the TV shows....

Bruce Campbell!!!! ::dies of fangirl jealousy::

Bruce Campbell!!! Does a happy dance for you!! He is so cool. Love, loved, Briscoe County. A friend of mine read his other book I think it's "confessions of B movie Actor" or something like that. (so helpful arent'I?) She said it's hilarious, and I;ve been menaing to get it. Do tell us all about it! :)

Lost. This is how the show was for me. Hurried to Walgreens and left some prescriptions to pick up after 8:00 (cst) so I wouldn't miss Lost. Uh, well it "lost" me PDQ in to the episode. I ended up sitting at the computer with one eye on the Gilmor Girls spoiler boards and one eye on the TV asking where is Hurley's story for gods sake. I love Charlie but enough already with his flashbacks. The flashbacks in general are starting to get annoying and I don't want them to get annoying before we see Hurley's or find out Jin actually speaks English (my speculation). However I was right about who would get killed. I did say "Steve" but Hurley was calling him that too so I still feel righteous. ;)Totally agree about he characturizations coming to a screeching halt.

I'm proud that I watched more of this Alias ep. than I ever have. Hee. Though my first thought was Syd was getting bitten by a vampire wannabe. Where does that come from I wonder?
Bruce Campbell's autobiography
Just recently purchased it and as of 2/14/05, am starting update reviews at my journal (no spoilers), and heartily recommend it regardless of whether you know him or not. Funny and educational reading.