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Now, why didn't I think of 'House on Fire'?

From Tv Guide online....

HOUSE ON FIRE: In other ratings news, Fox's medical drama House is proving highly contagious. Tuesday's episode drew nearly 15 million viewers — its biggest audience to date. Fox responded by ordering an additional four episodes of the show, bringing its first-season order to 22.

Great! Now, when are the DVDs going to be available??? Yes, I'm greedy. :p
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Ooh Good one. Although it's almost too good to be true...

And have you had 'Burning down the House'? I'm going through song titles thinking of them. But I'm not very good...
Ohhhh, I haven't used 'Burning Down the House' yet. Please feel free to continue to contribute to the bad pun fund. :)
That's great news! The good news just keeps coming this season. I either fear the mainstream is catching up to us "cutting edgers" or we're becoming more staid. Dear lord, I hope it's not the latter.
I either fear the mainstream is catching up to us "cutting edgers" or we're becoming more staid. Dear lord, I hope it's not the latter.


If I start to reevaluate the merits of 'According to Jim' you have permission to shoot first and ask questions later.
Huh. Great news, but on someone else's LJ this morning I saw something about how the show would almost certainly not be renewed. But perhaps that was just spec.
OK, I need names to go slap some sense into this person. Or feel free to direct them to me. :)

I wouldn't put it past FOX to wait awhile before announcing it's being picked up for a second season (it's still possible, though doubtful, the ratings could take a dive), but considering how few commercial and critical successes FOX currently has, I think it's going to do everything it can to keep this show on the air.
Right. I don't see why they would go ahead and order four more episodes, only to kill it off at the end of the season. The ratings have been steadily increasing; not chaining this baby to FOX's desk would just be idiotic.

I'm sure that was just some horribly misinformed speculation. *shakes fist at the person anyway*
22! Woo! *pumps fist*

I'll even pay full price for this DVD set. No stingy ebay auction stalking for House. :b
Now the question that remains if FOX will move House to a different day and time (it hasn't worked well for hit shows that moved to other days except for The X-Files) and will it spell ratings doom if they move the show.
I'm hoping they'll learn from 'The O.C.' debacle and keep 'House' in it's current timeslot. Up to this point, I can't recall that anything paired with AI has done as well as 'House' has.
24 isn't doing as well as it did in the post-AI slot, but it is still holding some ground on Mondays. Dark Angel tanked in the ratings after FOX moved it from Tuesdays (in season one) to Fridays (for season 2) only to have it's final doom at the pick-up of Firefly (another great show that deserved better than a Friday slot).
As happy as this makes me, it still scares me that this is a FOX show. FOX home to idiotic programmers extraordinaire.

I'm just going to try not to think of it.
Apparently the one exec who knows what they are doing snuck this by the rest of them. :p
WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Absolutely buying this one. I wonder if they'll put the eps in the actual production order, or in the ratings-chasing mess in which Fox has been showing them? (Notice Foreman's comment in "DNR" that he's seeing someone? Yeah, we should have seen that ep first.)

The pun's been used before, btw. But it's still a valid entry in our House of Bad Puns catalog. *g*
I'm surprised, but the showing the eps out of order hasn't really bugged me yet. If the show becomes more serialized though, we could start running into some major problems.

BTW, I found out last night that FOX may not air all 22 episodes in a row. Supposedly another show is scheduled to take over it's timeslot in March so FOX may hold of on airing the remainder of the season until summer in their continued efort to provide year round programming. Good or bad idea? I'm not sure.
Oy. That sounds like it could get very, very messy. Thanks a bunch for the info - do you have the link by any chance?