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'House Of Pain' Was Taken Earlier This Week So I Got Nothing!

Speaking of which, for anyone who hasn't already read it I'd highly recommend reading no_detective's post HERE in which she speculated on what some of the themes may be in 'Detox'. I have to say I'm pretty impressed that some, if not all, of her points made an appearance.

I have so many thoughts going through my head right now I can't possibly do justice to them. I know there were a lot of fears tonight as to how the show would address House's use of Vicodin. And while I don't think the show did a perfect job, I did feel that they tried to be fair to both sides of the issue. That in itself is a huge accomplishment since so many movies and TV shows go the predictable (not to mention superficial and unbelievable)road of someone admiting they have an addiction, seeking treatment, and then having all be right in their world.

I can't say as I fault Cuddy or Wilson for being concerned that House is addicted. Cuddy in particular since she is a hospital administrator and does have to consider the business of medicine and the liability of doctor addicted to pain killers. But is that addiction a problem? House says no.

And I have to agree with him - to a point. While he may have been exhibiting the physical symptoms of withdrawal, other than some minor distraction that could be contributed to the pain, I didn't see that his intellect was at all effected. There was doubt as to his reasoning, but were they presented with any cause to doubt him other then their own assumptions about how the withdrawal must be manifesting itself with him?

My three nagging problems with this episode were Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. Nothing like sensing momentary weakness and taking full advantage of it. Honestly, I'm not sure they wouldn't have been happier if the kid had died just to prove him wrong. And I don't care what condition House is in, where does an underling surrounded by his superiors get off announcing the transplant is going forward!?

Back to the question of is the addiction a problem for House. In doing his job, I'd have to say, no, it isn't. But that didn't seem to be what concerned Wilson who was willing to see his friend go through hell in the hopes of getting to some greater truth. As were House's words in 'DNR', "I'm in pain", his words tonight were equally telling when he refers to the pills he pops, "They take away my pain." They do take away the physical pain - a godo thing. Yet, what else are they taking away? There were several references made to House's isolation and loneliness. And I found it interesting that in the final shot of House listening to music the music suddenly becomes dull and distorted (or was that my affiliate?).

I'll really need to take another look at this one. I have many intersting thoughts that have yet to form a cohesive whole.

Oh, and Moonlash, I thought of you with the "Chicks dig this" in reference to the cane. ;)
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