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Catching Up On This Past Weeks Shows

Well, that was soooo much better than last weeks episode. Contrary to what I thought would happen (yes, I am wrong once in a while ;) the writers actually addressed Charlie killing Ethan and how that has to change a person. Though, I wish that had dug a little deeper with the ramifications of Charlie's actions. Hurley was concerned for Charlie's sake, but no one seemed to be bothered that someone they barely know just murdered a man and is walking amongst them. And I don't think taking a walk with Claire is going to help that much.

Sayid had a sense of humor! Who knew? It was nice seeing another facet of his personality. It was also nice to see most, if not all the cast, interacting in the episode and none of it seeming forced. I thought Locke was being interjected into the story for no good reason until the story about his sister. Which not only drew a parallel with Sawyer's past but reinforced that nearly everyone (we haven't seen Hurley's story yet) on the island has had misfortune or tragedy befall them. That has to be significant.

I found it a little sad that we learned more about Kate and Sawyer from their game of 'I Never' then from all the flashbacks combined. Gee, you think that might tell the writers something? :p

Having Jack's father's likely final conversation be with Sawyer was an interesting twist. Personally, I don't think Sawyer witheld the truth from Jack to be hurtful. Rather, I think he knows that at some point (again) in the future he's going to screw up and he'll use that bit of info to mend some fences.

One thought dominates my mind in regards to this episode - thank God Sydney *finally* tore Sloane a new one over their present situation. It was beginning to bug me that she appeared fine with their current relationship and I'm relieved to know she's not. I can only assume she was burying her true feelings for the sake of the job and her sister, but when she found Sloane in her home that was a line that she was not willing to let be crossed. I still think Sloane works better in the villian role, but I'm OK with the current scenerio for now knowing that both Dixon and Syd are just waiting for him to slip up.

Though it came off as more of a wacky double date than mission, I adored the scene with the boys watching the girls work their magic. We also had the added bonus of more Weiss screen time and exploring his friendship with Vaughn who looked like he did not wish to contemplate the idea of the two of them dating sisters. ;)

I'm also hopeful that the show will be addressing Rambaldi again from what I saw in the preview. While I think they went overboard with that storyline last year, it seems odd that it hasn't been dealt with at all thus far this season.

Ack! I almost forgot I had something to say about this one. Perhaps if the show had been as good in it's first three years as it is right now it wouldn't have been canceled. Having said that I still have to state the Tripp/T'Pol storyline is annoying the hell out of me. I know there are supposedly valid reasons that they are unwilling or unable to confess how they feel to each other, but it's past the point of believability for me. I lived through the frustration of Buffy and Spike and John and Aeryn but both those ships had much bigger obstacles to overcome and it never seemed silly to me when they weren't together. Yes, I'm sure Tripp will be back on board Enterpise in a week or two and eventually they'll admit they love each other, but I just wish the show had chosen to portray an adult relationship between the two instead of having them act like teenagers most of the time.

This is the first episode I've watched twice. Yes, I thought it was that good, but I was also programming my spiffy new cellphone during the first viewing so I was distracted. ;) And it was not an episode to be distracted by while watching. There were some pretty heavy themes being dealt with and I was even made to rethink an earlier belief.

I did feel No. 6's 'sermon' to Baltar early in the ep was heavy handed. "Give yourself over to Him and find peace." "He has a plan for us." "I'm trying to save your immortal soul Gaius." O....K.....but then I realized it was part of a plan. It's obvious the Cylons want Baltar on their side, yet, it least as far as No. 6 is concerned, I think there is more to it than that. If she really does love him it's easy to accept that she wants him to be saved, to be able to join her in whatever afterlife she/they perceive there to be. At the same time, she needs him to believe in their/THE god in order to keep him in line. Though, in getting him to accept her beliefs has she failed in her mission? What if Baltar was truly seeking God's forgiveness and chooses to stay true to his deal that he'll only do good if he's exonerated/saved? At this point, I'm not saying he will, but it's a possibility and one would think that would put him squarely on the side of humanity.

It's also interesting to note that Baltar was guilty, not of the crime he was accused of, but so many more. He did betray his race by thinking with another part of his body instead of his brain and that lead to the slaughter of millions. And he sent a man to his death not knowing he was, in fact, a Cylon in order to save his own skin.

I am starting to wonder if there is a chip or something similar in Baltar's brain rather than No. 6 being a manifestation of a guilty conscience. It could be a coincidence that the forgery was discovered just as he was at the end of his rope and making a deal with God. But, more likely it would seem part of a plan to ensure his loyalties will not be questioned again and he'll avoid any future charges of treason.

Other aspects of teh espisode I enjoyed...

The president's instincts/feelings speech to Baltar and a sneaking suspicion that she still believes he has something to feel guilty about.

Galactica Boomer's revelation about the Cylon ship (which ended up helping them figure out how to control it) and her obvious feelings of connection to it. I was actually impressed with the actress in that scene.

Caprica Boomer and Helo - GUH!!! I think Helo is rivaling Apollo for my affections now. ;) I'm also left wondering if a Cylon's spine glows red when they achieve an orgasm and Baltar and No 6 were supposedly intimately involved for quite some time are we to believe they used a limited amount of positions? Yes, I think of these things, shut up. :p
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