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Did We Use House of Love?

Probably, but it's my birthday and I can be redundant if I want to. :p

Before I get into the important stuff, thank you all for the cards, e-cards, posts, and prezzies. I loved it all and am truly blessed to have come to know so many kind and wonderful people. :)

Was this the best episode of 'House'? Probably not. But, I just flat out enjoyed it from beginning to end. I like the angst and the investigating of the darker recesses of the characters, but it was nice to have so much to smile at this week.

We begin with producer/director Bryan Singer playing.....director Bryan Singer! All I can say about his acting is that his line readings could have been worse. ;)

I could have done without the far too realistic broken arm. We saw the bone snap that was enough people, really.

I've talked about House's interest in solving puzzles before, but it struck me as an almost pathological need tonight. The man is simultaneously trying to figure out what's wrong with his patient, acquire Monster Truck Jam tickets (did not see that one coming), and deduce what Foreman is lying about (and since it's obviously personal, we know House won't leave that alone).

If I trusted my doctor to make the correct diagnosis in 30 seconds I wouldn't have such a problem getting such short shrift with my office visits.

I don't believe House is intimidated by anything or anyone, yet people can make him uncomfortable and the wife was doing an excellent job. She immediately picks up on the fact he's alone and follows up with "If real human contact is something you don't have or even want or need, you should at least be able to see it in other people." Which leads us very nicely into the "not a date". Or, as my mother put it "Yeah, it was a date." ;p

I think Wilson's rejection (probably too strong a word) of House and statement "I'll ask one of my other friends" was a wake up call. House relys on Wilson being there and when he's not there for him there's no one. And House the supposed loner doesn't like to be truly alone. After all, why couldn't he go by himself to the monster truck show? He wanted, needed to share the experience with someone. Of course, that the second person he asks to go with him is Cameron is telling. It definitely reinforces there is an interest/attraction there (and vice versa since she changed her plans to go with him) but I'm not sold on it being a romantic interest yet on either side. Though, given Cameron's discomfort with talking about his sex life.....

Chase rocked this week. Not only did he have the realization that the drug use hadn't stopped he once again supported House by being unwavering in his view - "I like the guy. He says what he wants. He does what he wants."

I know many folks were in slash heaven with the House/Wilson exchange at the end. I'll leave the very thorough analysis to all of you. ;) I have to admit it did make me smile. Could there have been more double meaning to each and every line?

It was obvious that House was hurt by Wilson's lie. Early on I thought Wilson was having a secret rendezvous behind his wife's back, hence all the deception. But, no, it was House he was worried about discovering the truth. Stacey the Constitutional Lawyer seems to have been a significant person in House's life and whatever went down it went down badly. Wilson stayed friends with her, but House wouldn't or couldn't.

Huge, may I say HUGE, moment when House confesses to Cameron that he lived with someone. I about fell off the couch. House doesn't reveal personal info (other than his TV viewing habits) and to share that shows that the walls may be cracking if not crumbling.

Favorite lines: "Your lips say no, your prunes say yes." and "We do this, we could die!" :)

The format shifted a bit tonight and I liked it a lot. For the first time we saw the ducklings and House outside the hospital and it wasn't patient related. It was nice to see how these folks interact in a more relaxed atmosphere. And throw rocks at me if you will, but House eating cotton candy was darn cute. :)

Celebrity Poker is only an hour this week? Don't they know it's my birthday. :(
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