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JJ Gets It Half Right

No need to do a cut tag for 'Lost'. I could sum up my thoughts with "Bored now." As usual, Locke's scenes saved the episode from being a total waste of my time. Now, if only *he'd* beat some sense into the rest of them. Obviously reason isn't working too well. Other than Locke it was an ep filled with cliches and complete predictability. Yeah, even the 'twist' I saw coming. Oh, and danceswithwords I don't think it's Vincent who we have to worry about. I'd like to mock the episode a lot more, but I'm too tired for that.

Anna, Sark, Rambaldi, and a cliffhanger! Oh how I missed you all. :-) Plus, we had tension, drama, Sloane on the outside where he belongs, a kick ass fight scene, and a story that had huge ramifications for an unsuspecting public as well as for our tormented little group. Time just flew by for me.

I loved having Jack in charge. And the dynamic makes much more sense than having Sloane gving the orders. Jack also had my second favorite line of the season (Vaughn's "Because last year sucked" still rank's as my favorite :).....

Sydney: "She's (Anna) is suppose to be dead."
Jack: "So are a lot of people."


I swear, Vaughn and Sark could almost drive me into slash. MV and DA haven't exactly had a lot of scenes together, but when they do they have great chemistry. Considering I'm spoiled for Sark's request (it was an accident, I swear!) next week should be interesting.

Nadia is starting to bore me. I mean, isn't she suppose to be an agent to rival Syd? I didn't need Anna to tell me she was scared. Then again, maybe it's all an act, she's evil and going to send Weiss back to his closet. :(
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