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Shockingly, Bragging About My Employers

Now, I'm not sure today how many of you have heard the news about a Taco Bell lawsuit. Until yesterday, I'm sure none of you had.

Anyway, for five and a half years two 'little guys' from Michigan have been battling the corporate juggernaut that is Taco Bell. Remember the Chihuahua campaign from a few years back? Stolen. And the law firm I work for proved it in court yesterday to the tune of 30 million dollars, not including interest fees which could bump it to 35 or more. We got everything we asked for! We're rich! Well, and the client too. ;)

Of course Taco Bell is going to appeal. Consensus is they have no grounds and with the trial over they are going through some rather negative publicity. My suggestion would be to settle, but I'm no lawyer.

Apparently, CBS News did a segment with our client and one of the attorneys this morning. CNN is arriving this afternoon. Just felt compelled to share. My firm is the largest in Grand Rapids, just weird to see it in the national spotlight.
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I loved that damned dog. In ways that are not altogether healthy.
Re: Chihuahuaphilia
Hanukkah does last eight days. Chris has day 1 covered, I'll take day 2...any volunteers for the rest of the days?

Sadly, I know of no chihuahua porn. Actually, that's probably a good thing.
Re: Chihuahuaphilia
but you are getting a life-sized bobble-head
chihuahua for the next present-giving calendar date


And, Asta, yes indeedy. I hope you're celebrating your faces off. Maybe you could slip a little champers to a certain lawyer and accidentally lock yourselves in the xerox room? Where, of course, you could um reproduce.
Woo hoo! I like to hear about lawyers doing something decent for once! ;) Congratulations.