The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Belated Birthday Wishes and Battlestar Galactica

Technically, I didn't forget about the birthdays. I had every intention of posting when I got home last night.....and then fell asleep. This afternoon I had a meeting at lunch, so there went that time. Tonight, I sit down before Galactica to post and LJ goes missing. Yes folks, it was completely gone for an hour!

So, finally, I'd like to wish the brilliant, thoughtful, and kind caille a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. I hope it stopped raining long enough for you to have a beautiful day. :)

And another belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to reckleslinguist. What can I say about our dear Ms Linguist? She's bright (glows in the dark even), funny (check out her rack....of CDs), reliable (if there's a hot guy on she'll be there), and generous (just ask her parole officer). She's also quite forgiving. ;)

OK, I've been patient, but when am I going to get some quality Apollo time again? It's been three loooooong weeks people. I need more than a minute of screen time.

Baltar now knows the truth about Boomer. What will he do with that information? I get that he was afraid she might go postal on his ass if confronted with the truth then and there. But, what about after she left the room? He could have called Adama to inform him. I wonder if all this will lead to blackmail of some sort in the future.

BTW, Adama a Cylon? I don't think so. Another ruse on the Cylons part.

I am quite perplexed as to what is going on on Caprica. I know that Helo is all part of some experiment, but if they want he and Boomer to shack up long term in some cabin they have a much bigger plan in mind than I forsaw. They don't seem to be terribly concerned with the emotion of love, which given blondie's disgust with Boomer becoming to much like "them", would lead me to believe they view love as a weakness (they've suceeded in controling Helo through it). And we discover that Caprica Boomer actually does care about (loves?) Helo through her desire to protect him. I'm curious about her announcement that they had sex. Could the Cylons be trying to create a human/Cylon hybrid?

I loved Starbuck in this episode. What I like in particular is that we were able to see her in a role other than a badass warrior. For Adama to choose her out of everyone at his disposal (including his own son) to go head to head with a being he knew to be highly intelligent and manipulative shows just how much respect he has for Starbuck's intellect. I was also impressed by the respect she came to have for her enemy, going so far as to show genuine concern as to the fate of his soul. Before her one on one conversation I don't think she fully comprehended how mentally and emotionally complex the cylons were nor how alike they are to humans.

How, or perhaps more importantly why, do the cylons know so much about Starbuck? She seemed to be revered as if she was as intregal to the Cylons and there destiny as that of her own people.

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