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This may have been my least favorite episode thus far. That's not to say I thought it was bad or that I was bored. There were parts that I liked quite a bit, but I was disappointed in the Chase family melodrama. It was too predictable. Chase Jr was abandoned and betrayed in his youth and is carrying around a boat load of anger and resentment because of it. He assumes, wrongly, that Chase Sr is in town for a conference. In truth, the old man is dying (anyone not see that coming?) and wants to try to make amends. Which, of course, doesn't happen, but we get the preverbial 'we can't share our real feelings' quasi make up at the very end. The only part of all that I found remotely interesting is eagle eye House and his ability to spot a tattoo guide for radiation treatment and a macrobiotic diet from a mile away. Thus further proving my theory that a driving force for him is looking out for a mystery to be solved.

I have to admit for a brief moment I disliked House. His rapt fascination with the coldness between father and son left me thinking that the Chase family rift was going to be fodder for his amusement. His eagerness to get to the bottom of the situation overriding any concern for the individuals involved. Then we had this exchange:

Chase: "You're messing with my head."
House: "Your relationship with your dad is messing with your ability to do your job."

That's when it hit me. In House's own unique, twisted way he was trying to *help* Chase. Like his verbal 'abuse' directed at Foreman or his prodding of Cameron about her past his intent was to help Chase deal with whatever baggage he was carrying around with him. The bottom line is that House wants each of his charges to be the best damn doctors they can be and if he has to tear them down to clear away any hinderances to them doing their best then that's what he's going to do. House's methods to get at a probelm may be painful, yet it's more useful to the person being dissected then Cameron's heartfelt desire to want to fix things It's like applying a band aid to a cut. It helps on the surface, but it's not going to help heal. House's "Cameron would" in response to Chases's question about caring had an undercurrent of ridicule to it. Sure, she may mean well, but what good is it doing?

One of the brighter spots of the ep was the Wilson/House exchange which included one of my favorite lines "This is the amusing out loud part. Do I actually need to be here?" Wilson can *almost* go toe to toe with House in the snarky comment department. I give House the advantage of seemingly having been at it longer. ;) But, the exchange also went to show just how in tune to each other these two are. House may have been talking, but Wilson could have easily carried on the conversation by himself anticipating each and every thought as it as was popping into House's head.

And, on a side note, I'm not sure (though I could hazzard to guess) what was going through some minds during the repeated use of the word "thingee" but, personally, I was having a Black Adder moment.

OK, for the first time FOX's rearranging of episode airdates caused some continuity issues albeit relatively minor ones. First, we had the search for the vicodin. Considering the odd place it was in this leads me to believethat during his detox he placed it out of sight in a vain attempt to keep it out of mind. Upon taking said pill we cut to Cuddy who has an expression of disappointment mixed with resignation on her face. Logical after a *recent* perceived failure.

The second problem was Wilson's remark that while House may not have any clinic hours the rest of them do. Which, in light of House working in the clinic last week makes no sense. Yeah, this definitely should have followed 'Detox'.
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