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Break Out The Vicodin!

STRONG MEDICINE: Maybe this'll cheer up Dr. House: Fox has renewed House for a second season. This week, the freshman medical drama attracted 15.6 million viewers, its largest audience to date.

Woo Hoo! FOX made a wise decision!

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*does dance of joy*

I've DLed episodes 1-4 and watched 1-3, so I think I can be verily described as hooked.
Yay! But when the time comes to campaign to save it, I can just see Fox being beseiged with bottles of fake vicodin...
I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. It's sad that we're already planning the Save House campaign. Than again, it's FOX. :p
*runs around lj, throwing confetti everywhere*

Though someone should probably check to make sure that this isn't one of the signs of the apocalypse.
Don't die, you must live so that you can squee with the joy of the second seasons OMG!

So happy. So very, very happy. I think you have just made my day.
Glad I could make your day. :) I know FOX made mine - those are words I never thought I'd type. :p
Hip-hip-hooray! Yippee Skippy! Woo-freakin'-hoo! I'm over the moon. This is indeed wonderful news.

But there is one thing about all this that scares me:

FOX made a wise decision.
*bravely mixes Vicodin with scotch, because Fox performs miracles only once in a lifetime*