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It's Been Brought to My Attention I Have Apollo On The Brain

To which I would say, do you have a problem with that?

Early on, I feared this ep was going to be predictable. By the end of the ep, hey, I was right! :) That's not to say I hated it, just that I was underwhelmed. There were some good character moments. And Baltar may have one uped Spike's naked push-ups. ;p

I was thrilled to see Apollo back. Yes, I know, he had appearances in the past few eps, but they were far too brief. I loved the dinner scene and it was the big saving grace for me. To begin with that glance he gave Laura got my shippy thoughts going again. More importantly, I fell a little bit more in love with him when he started cleaning up the dishes. ;-) Sure, he was trying to avoid that hussy probing his prostate, but his first instinct was to extricate himself by volunteering to clean the table.

Laura probably had the best moment though, offering up the bottle to Ellen before she even asked. MM's facial expression was just perfect.

I also enjoyed the interaction between Adama, Lee, and Laura once they were left alone. The reaction to Lee's remark about what if Ellen's not a Cylon was priceless. As was watching the President and the Commander of the military finishing cleaning up the place.

Overall, this episode had more humor than any before it. It was a nice respite from the heavy subject matter they generally deal with. Yet, it seemed an odd juxtiposition with what was going on with Helo and Boomer on Caprica and their fight to survive.

Given Baltar doesn't want to be bothered with the time consuming task of testing everyone it would seem that other than Boomer, we won't know who else might be a Cylon for a very long time. Do I think Ellen is one? No. That doesn't mean I don't think she's possibly a spy of some sort. She seemed to be trying far too hard to gather information and there were too many holes in her story. Working for the Cylons would seem too obvious a choice. Working for someone who may be trying to upset the current hierachy could be the case. The woman is bad news (not to mention annoying as hell). I hope we don't have to put up with her crap for too long.

One other thing I liked is that Starbuck is still recovering from her injuries. Most sci-fi shows invent quick fixes to heal the injuries of their main characters in order to get them right back into the action. But, with Starbuck not being able to participate in missions involving physical skill we have the opportunity to see her mental abilities are equally as strong. Up until tonight I couldn't have imagined her spending hours in command analyzing raw data.
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Starbuck's reaction to Baltar was too. funny. I loved her slight eye-roll and her complete *lack* of backing out of the room. Brilliant.
Hey, I never said it was a bad thing. :P

It wasn't a gripping plot, but as you said it was full of wonderful character moments. I've got to say that I think the show is handling humor well, injecting it at the right moments, not letting the grim situation they're in get too oppressive but not forgetting it.
I liked the final confrontation scene in the lab, but Starbuck walking in on Boltar was priceless. No more Starbuck/Boltar.

Ellen was wayyy too over the top. Boltar is too, but Boltar's crazy.
As soon as I saw who was playing Ellen I went "Oh, No." An outrageous character coupled with a bad actress is a viewer's worst nightmare. Hopefully they'll find out she's evil soon and throw her into a pit of cylons. :)
This episode was, thankfully, pretty light-hearted. But even for a light-hearted episode it had a lot of serious moments. I loved the scene at the end between Tigh and Adama - this episode is one of the first where I've actively liked Col Tigh and been interested in him.

Ellen is annoying but I also hope she's not a cylon. And Lee! I love him.

Baltar is also so insane now that I actually look forward to what supremely crazy thing he'll do next. But it's freaking me out that he knows who the cylons are and won't tell anyone. WTF, Baltar?

I really liked the President and two Adamas scene after Tigh and Ellen left. Hee.

One other thing I liked is that Starbuck is still recovering from her injuries.

Col Tigh was, ironically, more likeable in this episode. Not that I condone his drinking, but after seeing the wife I get why he does so much of it. Now, I just wish someone would explain why he married her to begin with. :/

I don't get Baltar's 'logic' either. Considering how intent he is to save his own skin, isn't letting Cylons run around doing whtever they want endangering himself as well as everyone else?
Remember the first or second ep and Col Tigh was in his bunk looking at a photo of a blonde woman and you asked me if it was CWB? Well, look at Ellen. Don't you think her similarities with No. 6 are many? Remember when Shelley Godfrey (was that her name?) was on the Galactica--and when she disappeared, no one could find her because she must have changed her appearance? This may explain Ellen's memory loss. When Boomer goes Cylon, she doesn't remember what she did either. Okay, I'm reaching. It would almost be more interesting if Ellen really were human.

Also regarding Baltar. I think the episodes before this one were about the bending of Baltar (so to speak). His blase attitude about the outcome of Ellen's test seems to suggest that he belongs to the No. 6 now. He's no longer morally conflicted--and whether it's that he's officially nuts or that he's honestly made the choice to be the Cylon's pet, I suppose that remains to be seen.

Also, a thiing to note: this ep was directed by Edward James Olmos. I think he did a good job.
If you didn't know I'd kick your ass....ok, swat you with my scarf, I might think you're dropping spoilers in my lap. ;) Ellen being a Cylon would be too easy. I'm going with the selfish, drunken, slutty, bitch angle. ;-)

His blase attitude about the outcome of Ellen's test seems to suggest that he belongs to the No. 6 now. He's no longer morally conflicted--and whether it's that he's officially nuts or that he's honestly made the choice to be the Cylon's pet, I suppose that remains to be seen.

It could also be a result of his deal with god from a couple episodes back. If he feels he's given himself over to the true god and he's been cleansed of his sins coupled with having been absolved of the one crime he didn't commit, he may feel like he's untouchable now, so why bother?
I swear! No spoilers! No scarf swatting! ;-)

Really, I think you're right about Baltar--and you won't believe what he does when............ hahahahahahahahahaha. i'm evil. and just kidding. really.

One of the faults with the original series (OK, there were *a lot* of faults, but for the sake of my point I'll focus on just one ;), was that the humans, overall, were near perfect. We were suppose to sympathize simply because humans = good; cylons = evil. Other than Starbuck smoked cigars, could be cocky, and womanized a bit (though that bit of his character was quickly jettisoned) nobody seemed to have any faults. So, yeah, if Ellen is a cylon that would be deeply disappointing. I still hope she dies though. :)

LOL. Friend away! I've been following your comments on SDW's LJ. I just haven't had sufficient time to check your LJ out. I *definitely* have to catch up on the Lee Caps this weekend. I hear tomorrow's ep is Apollolicious. :)
Yes, I was big with the Buffy fandom. I haven't posted about that much recently and thought I might suffer a mass defriending. ;) Luckily, as you say, many Buffy fans have gravitated to other genre shows so we all have lots to discuss.

I had a very bad board experience. I met some truly wonderful people through it, including one of my closest friends, but by 'Dead Things' it all started going to hell. And I eventually got the boot because apparently I was wrong to take issue with personal attacks and extreme negativity. So, yeah, the great thing about LJ is you can pick your 'friends' and ignore the nutjobs. ;)