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A Farscape Post. Yes, I'm A Bit Surprised Too.

As most of you don't know, I've been rewatching Farscape from the beginning. Recently, I've been in a desperate race to catch up with sdwolfpup as she posts almost daily recaps of her first impressions. I like to contribute to the conversations even though I have to stop myself from making brilliant comments at times for fear of spoiling her. I mean she has no idea that........just kidding. ;)

I'm pretty sure I finally caught up to her. And I had all these thoughts while watching 'Fractures' that I was eager to share. Has she posted? As Rygel would say "Nooooooo". Sooooo, since she's been prodding me to post some of my own thoughts, I shall. This won't be one of the big analysis I'm plotting (though it's still pretty damn long-winded) because I intend to finish the whole shebang first.

One of my favorite John/D'Argo moments occurs in 'Fractures' where, once again, we see them acting like buddies and not like two guys coming close to killing each other. Trying to put his best shirt forward for Aeryn's return John asks D'Argo "green or black" to which D'Argo points out that he felt the green never suited his body. I cracked up the first time I saw that exchange and I still crack up now. Unlike previous viewings though, this time I had an epiphany. Maybe it's because I've been watching these back to back to back. It suddenly dawned on me that this was the first time John had worn the black tee since Aeryn departed with TalynJohn.

On a superficial level it's a visual stimulous to tell the audiance that this is The John, the one and only now. Did we need different colored shirts before to differentiate? Not really. We knew by where they were and who they were with who was who. The thing is the two Johns were different and without doing a survey it seems TalynJohn was the better liked of the two. Did one get the slightly better DNA when he was duplicated in 'Eat Me'? No, the essential elements of John Chrichton were present in both.

As is usually the case, the type of person we are is a product of the people we are surrounded by. Early on in the series I felt that John's grounding force, what kept him sane, what centered him was Aeryn. In 'Green Eyed Monster', John finally voices this same opinion when comparing her to the brightest star (yeah, yeah, it was incredibly sappy, but effective). "It's my one constant", "my guide" and without that guide, Aeryn, Moya John seems utterly adrift and participating in some very self-destructive behavior. I mean, how bad is it when you piss off Pilot? Green shirted John is just not himself. But, he believes he's about to be reunited with the woman he loves and he wants to be the man she remembers. So, out comes the black shirt which, granted, he does look better in, but much as when the PK leather made it's magnificent appearance in season one, he's trying to play a part and be what he's expected to be.

Now, on to the angst! 'Fractures' has to be one of the most emotionally complex episodes of the show's run. I'm still trying to fully comprehend how John and Aeryn must have been feeling. My heart breaks to see John's expression of pure joy and excitement at the prospect of reuniting with Aeryn so quickly dissolve as he's given the cold shoulder. The thing is you can't be mad at Aeryn for acting as she does. The man she loved and lost and, most significantly for her, gave herself over to completely is now standing right in front of her looking exactly as he did (hello black shirt) as when she watched him take his last breath.

I give John credit that even before he sees the message from his other self he gets how difficult this must be for Aeryn. Going so far as expressing his sympathy to her for the loss of *him*. To make matters worse, while John thinks the copy died, D'Argo points out that Aeryn, still realing, thinks of him as the copy. How do you compete with a dead man?

This all of leads up to one of my fav endings and best group shots since 'Through the Looking Glass'. Who would have ever thought that Crais would be part of the group and have that not seem strange? And even though she can't quite see this John as her John, it's impossible for her not to be at his side. Without a word, without heitation she is there. What does throw me a bit is that it's Crais, not D'Argo, who is the second to support John's decision to go, uh, into the lion's den. ;) Has Crais changed that much? Yes. But, he's also seen what a wormhole weapon can do while most of the others haven't, hence me cuttimg the others a lot of slack in not jumping into follow John on another one of his damn fool missions.

As utterly depressing as season 3 could be, I'm going to miss it. If only because I can recall my rather 'meh' feelings about early season 4.

I watched 'Blind Justice' while typing this up. Apperantly, Tuesday at ten will still be devoted to 'House' discussion for me. :p
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