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I never got around to posting Alias thoughts last week. I thought I'd make up for that this week. Not going to be the case. The episode left me rather 'Meh'. So much so that myself and my chat buddies spent about five minutes discussing the show and 55 minutes verbally assaulting each other. :) Never tell writteninstars that Hugh Laurie, even with a cane, could kick Zach Braff's ass. ;-) On the bright side, we all agreed that Tim Daly is, to quote reckleslinguist, "frelling hot". Yes, we will be glued to 'Eyes' come March 30th, 10est/9cst. :D

What can I say about Alias? I liked that Dixon had a decent storyline. There was a mildly interesting (though predictable) twist. But, why does Vaughn's IQ have to drop about 40 points in order to kick start a plotline? And I'm debating which is worse - Lauren annoying me or Nadia boring me to death?

Tonight I caught the world premiere of the new 'Revenge of the Sith' trailer during The O.C.. I have to admit I got a bit verklempt seeng Anakin one moment and Darth Vader the next.

Also got my first look at Sin City. Oh...My...God. And I'm not even talking about Clive Owen or Nick Stahl (who is sans scary makeup in at least one scene - Woo Hoo!). The look of the film is absolutely amazing. I haven't been this impressed with the visual style of a live action film since 'The Matrix'. Is it April 1st yet?

Anyone else watch 'CSI' tonight? Had I not caught the credits there was no way I would have known that crazy homeless guy was Wil Wheaton.
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I'm all kinds of excited about seeing Sin City because it looks so different and interesting. The preview for Revenge of the Sith is great, but I remain very wary of George Lucas. I will, of course, be there opening day though.;)
I don't trust George as far as I can throw a Wookie, but I actually saw some acting! with Hayden and Ewan, plus with the return of James Earl Jones, I have a sliver of hope.
That's right. Never insult the Braff, bitca. :p

Um, and that was *me* who said that Tim Daly is frelling hot. The man just gets sexier as he gets older. It's bizarre and wonderful.

Sin City looks amazing. I absolutely cannot wait. Wheeee!!!

Um, you know that thing we were talking about tonight? It looks even more do-able at this point. ::tries to iron out details::
Sorry for the misquote. Don't sue me! I mean, really don't, I have over a hundred attorneys ready to pounce. :p

And double Wheeeee!!!!
You should go read the Sin City comics (I have loved them for years and the creator of the comics, Frank Miller, is co-director on the movie).

I loved Nadia in this episode of Alias. Her dress was jaw dropping. The episode was excellent. Interesting twist at the end.
The Sin City trailer is one of my favorite things EVER. I had to go out and find the Cells song they use because I was so addicted to it.
Sin City Preview
It does look very close to the graphic novels, with combining starts of each novel in this movie. Plus with Robert Rodriguez directing and his new philosophy of "filming" direct to HD video the look of this thing should be awesome.

I just hope they remember the key is a story and characters not, "ooh big explosions and shinny objects!"

Here is a link with some art work from the GNs:
MAYBE Spoilers
Re: Sin City Preview
Thanks for the link. A friend was trying to give me a rough idea of the concept behind the series and it was a bit lost on me. I love movies based on comic books/graphic novels, but never read the source material. I'm odd that way. The visuals for the film look amazing (I didn't notice any explosions, I hope that's a good sign) and there are several actors appearing whose work I enjoy so this is a definite must see for me.
Re: Sin City Preview
I'll dig around and figure which novel I own.

BTW this is the same author who wrote Dark Night Returns which prompted the mood of the second Batman movie.