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Belated Sci-Fi Friday Thoughts

I had planned on getting these up a bit sooner, but some of you had to go and post about 'Farscape' and 'House' and distract me with your brilliant analysis.

Well, I have now watched my second episode of Stargate. Still totally ignorant of what's been going on for eight years so here's a newbies non-spoilery observations....

- Why is the blonde chick marrying the dork? Is that *another* DeLuise?

- Ascending?! ::Angel flashback - runs screaming::

- Oh my God, RDA is ruining a perfectly good steak!

- The guy from 'Homicide' has put on more weight? His poor heart.

- Hey, it's Hope from 'Thirtysomething'! She finally got away from Michael.

- OK it looks like an opportunity is being provided for Carter (I caught Blondie's name ;) to hook up with RDA. Did I avoid eight years of angst? Woo Hoo!

Stargate fans feel free to jump all over me now. :)

As for Battlestar Galactica.....

I'll start with the 'B' storyline of Boomer/Helo. OK, anyone else not doubting that Boomer is preggers? Cold beans my ass!

Now, Helo knows that something screwy is going on when a supposedly dead woman is walking towards them. Will Boomer be forced to fess up the truth to him? If so, she's going to have to explain how she knows this. And why haven't we seen a other humans? Did they kill them all???

The main plot addresses many issues that I've been pondering. First, they address the fuel shortage. I wondered when that would come up since they've already dealt with the water issue. Of course, what I really want is someone to tell how they are replacing those vipers that have been blown up?

One of the things I really love about the show is the non-issue of gender. We have repeatedly been told that Starbuck is the best viper pilot in the fleet. No one challenges this, including Lee and Adama, and no one takes issue with it. And now that we have established she's that good we get to see her openly doubt whether the person she's arguably closest to can take her place.

Ultimately, we find out it's not that the mission will fall apart without her that's bothering her, but that she's dealing with the burden of responsibility - something she's never wanted to face. Adama cuts to the quick, "Lee isn't the problem. You should take a good long look at yourself." Doubtling Lee's abilities is easier than doubting her own. With every viper pilot that's killed, she's left to wonder if she failed in training them. It was simpler for her when she was only in control of her own actions and destiny. Now, she has a hand in so many others. She's not 'lucky' enough to be in the middle of the firefight, consumed by the mission and trying to keep herself alive. She must stand idly by and hear the others die. She, like so many before her, has been put in an unenviable position. Bluntly put by Adama, "Welcome to the big leagues."

OK, I'm reserving judgement for the time being, but I'm a bit uneasy with this latest turn in Laura's storyline. I'd really prefer to see her have to deal with the 'normal' burdens of her position, not to mention her health, without talk of oracles, prophecies, and being the annointed one.

Then we have Mr Delusions of Granduer. He gets lucky with a guess (in my opinion) and now proclaims himself to be "an instument of God". I really hope we were suppose to laugh at that because I vertainly did.

Other things of interest....

- Arms of Apollo! What? You knew it was coming. :p

- Adama keeping Laura out of the loop on one important detail of the mission plan. It shows that these two still have a level of distrust between them and given the cylon threat I can't say as I blame them for it.

- Starbuck's leg *still* hasn't healed. Really great how they worked that into the plot again.

- The Lighter Scene. Yes, damn it, I teared up.

Apollo: "Seems like the whole ship thinks Starbuck could do better,"
Adama: "I don't...cause you're my son."

I really thought the show was going to take the predictable route with the relationship that had been established in the mini and so far they haven't handled it at all like I thought they would. ::hugs the writers::

- The firefight was cool, but I can't be the only one who saw many similarities to Luke's attack of the Death Star in Star Wars.

Next week it looks like we get Apollo advising Laura again. I've missed that interaction between them. Now, if we could just get a debriefing. ;)

ETA: Hey, if anyone knows where to find good 'Enterprise' spoilers, please let me know. From what I'm hearing I want to be prepared for the worst.
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