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BSG Fans - Beware of the March 20th TV Guide

It's evil I tell you! Eeeeevill!

I decide to look at TV Guide's 'Ultimate Guide to Battlestar Galactica' article. Silly me took it to be a primer for the show for those that may have missed early episodes. So, I open to the article and what do I see? A very nice cast picture from the finale! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Then of course I have to look at the article because, hey, maybe the photos are deceiving. As far as I can tell, not so much. Of course one 'spoiler' turned out to not really be one. (I'll let you all guess which.)

However, some of you may want to pick up a copy to read after the finale airs. They'll be nothing spoilery at that point and there is a *very* nice picture of Apollo. Great shot of the arms. ::drools::

At least a certain someone can't tease me with morsels of information anymore. You know who you are. :p

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