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It's Miller Time!

As in Dennis Miller. More precisely Hugh Laurie made an appearance on The Dennis Miller Show last night. I know there's already a bunch of posts over at house_md and maybe I should post my random thoughts there, but I'm not. I'm still community shy apparently.

For some reason Hugh didn't strike me as the type to be comfortable in these situations and, well, he didn't look all that comfortable. He did look good though in his tailored suit. :) I really appreciated Dennis' inital remark to Hugh - something along the lines of look who's becoming a star. Just last week I mentioned to my mother that after 20, 25 years in the business he's an overnight success. :p Dennis then proceeded to congratulate him on the show's renewal and what an amazing feet that is in television today where it's all an effort in attrition - throw 50 shows on the air and one is left standing.

Apparently, the most difficult part of playing House for Hugh is the accent. His jaw hurts by the end of the day. I guess it's how we say our R's. He hates it anytime he sees the words "coronary artery" in the script. Saying the words seperately isn't so bad, but together he needs five minutes to prepare.

Interesting tidbit I did not know, his father was a doctor - though the antithesis of House. He went on to explain that he and his dad sound very much alike so when patients would call the house they'd would just start telling him their problems and he would make up some treatment before telling them his father would get back to them. :)

There was also some talk of the last time these two saw each other. Seems there were a lot martinis and a viewing of 'Waiting for Guffman' involved. Who says celebrities are any different than us?

I'm starting to worry a bit about ME. I was updating my icons (check out sdwolfpup for some new pretties :) and I'm now seeing *a lot* of Apollo. Damn those arms of his. :(
He is very pretty. Appollo seems like a sweet guy as opposed to a TMB, however..
TMB = The Magnificen Bastard which is what he's called in your icon. It's normally used to describe Lionel Luthor and doesn't really fit Appollo to me.
Leave it to me to ignore the obvious. :p I'm not into Smallville enough to make the connection, but, yeah he's no Lionel Luther. ;)
What's wrong with Lionel Ritchie?
Ohh wait it says Lionel Luthor, My bad.. Must be the meds

Poor Hugh, those R's are difficult for some Americans, too :) He really does a great job on the accent, it sounds kind of patrician at times - I can't wait to find out where House is from.

Well, arms of Apollo are reason enough for many icons! Jamie is a very sweet guy - I know several people in the Hornblower fandom who have received personal replies to letters they've sent him, he even sent pictures to them when his first child was born.
Why do I have a feeling those days of personal notes and photos are over. Especially after he meets his fans in the sci-fi community. Poor boy, his life will never be the same.
Ooh! House gossip! Thank you.

And as for the r's, I believe I'd have to push my jaw back to say coronary artery and keep the accent. Just so you know...
Hee. My apologies for our pronunciations of the letter R. Well, I'm sure the boatload of money he's making is easing his pain. ;)

I'm sure this is no shock to you, but Hugh doesn't seem to be a fan of Tony Blair. I can't recall the remark exactly (I was getting ready for work while watching/listening this morning), but he wondered just how many fruitbaskets the US had gifted to Tony to gain such support. :p
Hugh Laurie made an appearance on The Dennis Miller Show last night.

What? I missed it. You dirty little...

Why? Why didn't you tell me?
OK, I would have, but it completely slipt me mind. I actually missed the fist showing, but luckily MSNBC repeats the show at Midnight. Sorry. :( Hugh I think is suppose to be on Leno on the 25th though.
Okay. Fine. I can accept this explanation. We all have our slip ups.
And Leno on the 25th, you say? This is better. Communication is the key.

And your icon makes me happy. Do you chose that just to soothe me?
And your icon makes me happy. Do you chose that just to soothe me?

But, of course!