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No Pithy Subject Line Tonight, But Here Be My House Thoughts Anyway

Let me start with my mother's issue with the episode.....Edward Vogler. Now, I just looked at him as a dramatic device, providing a foil for House. Sure, Cuddy gives him a hard time, but she also has a hell of a lot of respect for him as a doctor and knows his value to the hospital. Vogler claims to want to help people, though I think House comes closer with his assertation, excluding the getting laid part, about wanting to buy respect. Vogler would then seem to have some issues and we all know how House loves to tackle those. Let the games begin!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. My mother had a point in that what I took to be dramatic license she felt was bad writing. Where I live we have families who have donated millions to the local hospital. Maybe not 100 million, but probably not that far off. Not one member of these families sits on the hospital board. They never dictate policy. Could they? Possibly. But, my mother saw it as inconceivable that someone with no experience working in or with a hospital could just walk in and start calling the shots on day one.

As for my dramatic license take, I can accept it for a few episodes or, in this case, the five Chi McBride is signed to do. If, however, the show has some bright idea to make weekly battles between House and Vogler a regular fixture on the show it's going to get old real fast.

What honestly bothered me most was the effect Vogler's behavior had on Cuddy, always strong and steadfast even when fighting losing battles, now being shown in a position of weakness. I don't even know where to begin with the scene in Cuddy's office where Vogler asks her point blank about her sexual history with House. If I hadn't already surmised what kind of man Vogler was the scene was a good indictator.

Putting aside the inappropriatness and sexual harassment issues, this is a man that enjoys bull dozing people, showing *he* has the power through any means at his disposal. With one question he attempts to humiliate Cuddy and challenge her ethics as well as her decision making authority. 100 million is a boon to any hospital, but when the money and man behind is allwoed to corrupt the system the hospital is heading down the path of self destruction. House may be as ethically challanged as the rest of them as Cuddy pointed out, but it's in service to his patients, not to the institution with a goal of getting his name in the paper.

The white coat was just another way for Vogler to prove who is in control. Who the hell cares if House wears the coat or not? If I'm in an exam room and a doctor introduces himself as such I'm likely to believe he is who he claims to be regardless of his attire. The thing is, that coat for most doctors is a badge of honor - representative of the years of training and sacrifice to get to that esteemed position where they can be called doctor. But, House doesn't care about such superficial symbols. He doesn't care how he is seen. It is, contrary to his protestations, about the people he's treating. To accept wearing the coat is not just giving in (when would he ever do that?), but allowing himself to be a symptom of the disease known as a micromanaging bureaucracy that has forgotten why they are there.

And speaking of House's not caring about patients, why get so angry at a patient for nearly killing herself? I can't say that he feels life is sacred. If a patient came in dying, in horrible pain, beyind hope I think he'd be likely to up the morphine drip. But, working amongst so much pain and disease, seeing so much that can't be controlled, he was confronted by a woman who had damaged herself to the point of death and had seemingly given up. This pissed him off. House may be in pain physically and emotionally, but I still see him in fits and spurts enjoying life. Whether it's watching TV, enjoying a meal, snarking with Wilson, or listening to a song by The Who (and can anyone hear that without seeing the opening credits to CSI now???) he sees the reasons to keep going. Life is important and he needed her to realize that. Now, tell me he doesn't care.

I think the Cameron storyline tonight could warrant it's own post. Sweetie, ther's a difference between self-improvement and manipulation. I'm glad she was called on it being the latter. Yet, even while I was annoyed with her I found myself sympathizing with her because, well, it was pretty sad behavior. She's always seemed eager to please and I saw her taking it a step further, in fact, trying to emulate House minus the snark. In so many ways she is ill prepared for this. In attempting to create a facade and be who she's not, she only lost respect rather than gaining it.

As for the big question posed to House, "Do you like me?" and his answer of "No", I have thoughts on that though I hazard to make any statements now. I will say I don't think he was lying to her, but I also don't think he was telling her the truth. I'll be interested to see what you all have to say on the subject.

I can forgive Chase for his mistake. We don't like to think about it, but doctor's screw up, they're human like the rest of us. He needed to be chewed out, to be scared he might lose his job. He'll make more mistakes in the future, but he most likely won't make that one again. What I will have a hard time forgiving is him rumagging through a patient's personal belongings, not in order to help the patient, but to get dirt? leverage? on House. Maybe a nurse really did find the bottle and turn it in, but it doesn't erase Chase's actions from my mind.

As for favorite quotes of the night, there may have been wittier lines, but my personal favs are "Who the man? I the man." and, YES! I've been vindicated....."Read less. More TV." :-)

Wow. And I didn't even have that many notes!

Oh, and I'm throwing in a PSA tonight, if a doctor ever tells you that you need to get a colonoscopy, DO IT. They save lives folks. I know the patient tonight had other reasons, but I've heard far too many people get all squimish about sticking a camera up *there*. I don't mean to go all Katie Couric on you, but I've seen the consequences of the 'I don't really need that' attitude. OK, I'll now return to my regularly scheduled sarcasm. :)
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