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In case I forget to remind everyone later (like me being all distracted by Apollo tomorrow night ;), James' film Cool Money airs on the USA network Satrday night at 9est. I have to share the blurb in Entertainment Weekly because it cracked me up:

James Marsters stars as a career criminal involved in the biggest jewel heist in New York City history. Sigh, never mind. I lost you Buffy fans at Marsters.

It's pretty sad when EW is that in tune to his fanbase. And let me reiterate it's Spike I adore. ;p

I've realized over the past several weeks this is no longer Most Post TV for me. 'House' I feel compelled to get my thoughts out there immediately. BSG I can't go more than a day without posting. With 'Alias', it's to the point of having to really think about what I want to say. The comments just aren't rushing forth like thay use to.

That's not to say I'm hating this season. I'm enjoying it far more than last. But the sense of urgency and high drama seems to be severly lacking and leaving me a little 'Meh' on it all.

I did feel that last night's ep was one of the better of the season. I really enjoyed the introduction of Sam and the POV of an innocent bystander getting caught up in all of this. Unfortunately, he also reminded me of Will, a lot, and that left me longing for the original and not a one shot pale immitation.

The little glimpses into Jack's personality and history continue to intrigue me. I actually would have been shocked had he not followed through with his plan to execute his former ally. But, what was the deal with Dead Man Walking's comments about "working for a higher purpose" when they were with the agency? What agency? Was he talking about SD-6, the CIA, or is this a hint as to something new that will be revealed about Jack in the future?

Speaking of the CIA, how is Vaughn's dad going to fit into all this? I really hope we don't find out he's not the good guy Vaughn believed him to be. First off, it would be too preditable. Secondly, don't we have enough are they good/are they evil daddys on the show?

So we went nearly an entire episode without Nadia (and her scene was obviously nothing more than a contractual obligation) and nothing felt like it was missing. Nuff said.

I love Summer. Lover her, love her, love her. Not only because she is the only one with the good sense to realize Ryan and Marissa are a huge fricken mistake, but she speaks for the entire viewing audiance. Good grief. Are we actually going to be put through that hell again?

And what an incredibly bizzare resolution to the Marissa/Alex fiasco. Was I the only one hoping Ryan would actually knock Alex on her ass? "It's On." OMG, who got paid to write that? Then she show's up with two of the least threatening ex-cons I've ever seem depicted on film. Of course, after a two minute convo between Alex and Marissa explaining what the audiance has known all along (Nothing in common! Really?!), they part as friends. Oh, and a pep rally has inspired Alex to go back home (um, wasn't she thrown out by her parents?) and get an education. Isn't that sweet. Marissa made her want to be a better person. ::gags::

I really thought the Valley jokes would be getting old, but they aren't. Seth's "Last season was better remark" about the show rivals Vaughn's "Because last year sucked" in my book. :)

I like Billy Campbell. I like Billy Campbell's character. But I do not like Kirsten flirting with infidility. Kirsten and Sandy do need bumps in the road of their relationship. It's what makes them interesting to watch. Have them fight about the kids, Caleb, and work, but don't try to make me believe these two smart, devoted people *both* have wandering eyes suddenly. I can't take that and Ryan and Marissa together too. :(
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