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It seems like every week I have a new favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica. Well, here we go again.

Let's just get it out of the way up front because you all know it's coming.....the Apollo moment of the night. 'OMG the towel and a lack of anything else!. And the getting dressed with Starbuck *right there*. I'll leave danceswithwords to interpret the meaning of that. ;) Thank God for videotape and repeated viewings. Now, someone better be iconing that scene. ::stares:: Uh-hum, ok, let me continue with some less superficial observations. :)

I know I've said this repeatedly, but I love the fact that Starbuck's knee still isn't fully healed. Again, I have to refer to Danceswithwords and an observation she made off my comment. One of the things that makes this show (any show) great is attention to detail. And we're seeing a lot of that. The waterfight between Apollo and Starbuck. It's a silly thing to be doing at that moment, but when's the last time they got to engage in such silliness? Baltar's rather ill fitting ensemble showcasing that most folks were left with nothing but the clothes on their back and having to make do with whatever they can scrape together. (Though, I notived that as VP he managed a nicely tailored suit.) The fact that their civilization has nearly been wiped out, but they still have the need for some cheesy quasi-news show to keep them informed/entertained.

Slowly, we are having new facets of the characters revealed. I prefer my heros a little dark and we're beginning to see the anger that Apollo showed early on begin to resurface. Apollo is in a position of authority, he's representing the Galactic and the President, he should know better than to pick a fight. But, with a little alcohol in his system that tightly wound persona of his starts to crumble. Starbuck, even in obvious pain, jumps into the fray to save his ass. :)

And what about Laura's character? She presses Wallace Grey to run as VP and then with possible defeat in sight orders him to lie and pull out. Was this "backstabbing" always within her or has the position she's been placed in forced her to change in ways she may not like but needs to accept? What she does she does for what she believes to be the greater good and, unfortunately, sacrifices need to be made.

Baltar is now one step away from being in THE position of power. Yeah, that doesn't scare me. I actually get Laura's "the devil you know" reasoning. Yet, she is far underestimating what he is capable of doing . So it would appear is number 6. It's obvious that she was positioning him into a power grab (the cylon's having the presidents ear and, in turn, thoughts would be of great value to them), but it also seems that they have built him up so much in his mind now that he may be reaching a point where he feels he no longer needs her/them.

Zarek's reasoning seemed off to me. When you have everything stripped a way from you, isn't it natural, even necessary to preserve one's sanity, to try to hold onto the pretense of your old life? It's not so much a "fantasy" as an attempt to achieve normalcy out of catstrophe. And is it just me or were his words, "free themselves from the past and work as a collective" seem as something a cylon might say? I'm not saying he is a cylon, but he would appear to be playing into their way of thinking.

Anyone else think Ellen killed Valance? She made it clear that the only thing she cared about was herself and I don't think commiting murder to improve her social position would phase her in the least.

Speaking of Valance, I liked the bit of continuity courtesy of Starbuck, "...going out an airlock...what they do to traitors." ;)

Now back to towel clad Apollo and Starbuck (Hey! I have an actual point here :p). Starbuck zings Apollo with "I clean up good sometimes." and later proves the point to an obviously stunned Apollo. I know it's a cliche (and there are reasons cliches are cliches), but I felt it was the first time Apollo saw Starbuck as more than his commorade and best friend. Or, more precisely, allowed himself to since she was engaged to his brother. I'm still not jumping on the A/S ship, but it does present some intriguing possibilities.

Boomer and Helo - Dear writers, thank you for giving Helo the ability to put two and two together so quickly. He now, for the most part, knows the truth. What I found more interesting was Boomer's reaction. Unbeknownest to him at that point, she's playing more than devil's advocate, hypothisizing that the 'clones' may be capable of complex emotions and were misguided in the way they were indoctrinated. It's obvious now that she loves Helo and her loyalties are with him. More significantly, she's calling into question everything she has believed up until being put into close contact with the race they supposedly wanted to wipe out. If she's reevaluating her beliefs and switching allegiances, could this happen to other cylons? On the flip side, it's easier for Helo to believe these replicants are "Frackin cylons like the rest of them", but given his feelings for one in particular how are his opinions going to change?

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