Apollo - OMG Yay - sdwolfpup

::Dies of Shock::

House finished 5th in the ratings for last week! 5th! I have a show in the top 5! People, this is unprecedented for me.

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Wow! I'm giddy with surprise and delight :) Here's hoping it stays there for a long time.
*breaks out the stash of Thin Mints and has a party*

I'm not sure that I've ever been in this situation either. *weeps briefly over Sports Night*
Congrats! It helps to have die hard fans like you.

and by die hard I don't necessarily mean Bruce Willis fans.

This news both thrills and scares me. Could it be possible that such a witty, well-acted, well-written, worthy show has gained the attention of the masses? Should I acquire a hard hat and oxygen mass for the impending end of the world?
"Look around" Has Hell frozen over? Every show I like always keels over and dies.
I may have to lie down now.
Honestly, I don't know whether to cheer, or to give into the paranoia. For all we know, the producers of Revelations have created these ratings to give us all a TV-related omen...

Well. The end may be near, but I'm HAPPY! *dances*