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This Post Brought to You By the Letters P, M, and S

Well, I see sal101010 has already noticed a lack of House review. I spent about an hour last night typing up thoughts. I then preceeded to connect to the internet FOUR TIMES to post said thoughts. I'll need to find out from our IS department what the frell was up last night (and this morning when I tried AGAIN) because I was able to connect to the server, but it refused to acknowledge my password. It seems I'm still employed at my firm, so I'm ruling out it was just me at the moment.

I did print out a hard copy of what I typed up. If I find out this problem is going to take a couple days to rectify I'll try posting at lunch. I just hate the thought of retyping everything. :( Otherwise, I'll copy and paste tonight.

On the brightside, it didn't find a lot of discussion about the ep on my Flist when I skimmed it a few minutes ago. And Thank You sdwolfpup for not posting about 'Kansas/Terra Firma' yet. :) I was really upset at the prospect of missing out on that conversation.

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