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I'm Being Ms Spamalot Today

Which, by the way, I'll be seeing in June. ;-)

When she told me this afternoon 'Alias' was largely a subtitled ep, I didn't believe her. It's certainly one way to make you pay attention!

Nadia actually interested me more this week than, well, ever. Though, her backstory in regards to her spy life bares an all too close resemblance to Syd's. I'm waiting now to find out she worked for a branch of SD-6. And Roberto is her third cousin once removed because everyone on this show has to be related. :p

Syd volunteers to request the information Vaughn needs from the CIA because he doesn't want it to be discovered he's checking up on his dad's records. Yep, they'd never guess his girlfriend might be doing it for him. ::rollseyes::

But, I have to say I found Vaughn pretty damn hot when he got turned on by his girlfriend using her brains as she deciphered that code. :)

Marshall provided the highlight of the episode for me informing a perplexed Jack, "Vaughn asked me to lunch." It didn't hit me till tonight just how left out Marshall must feel. And I think it dawned on Vaughn too. There isn't really any reason to leave him out of the loop. Not to mention, he could actually be helpful to him. Vaughn seems to be making a sincere attempt to get to know him better.

ETA: Sonja Braga? EVIL!

And a reminder that Hugh Laurie will be appearing on the Tonight Show *tomorrow* night. For some reason I thought it was Friday, but, nope, it's tomorrow. :)

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