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First the bad news, I went into work today. The good news is, it gave me the opportunity to listen to the podcast for 'Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt 1' and watch the deleted scenes for the episode. While this was the first podcast I listened to, I had watched deleted scenes for other episodes earlier in the week. Overall, those scenes I didn't feel added much if anything to their resepctive episodes and being excised wasn't a loss. In one case I actually felt it would have hurt the pacing of the ep. The reason I mention this is because I was surprised to find today that there were seven scenes trimmed from KLG and that several of them I sorely missed not seeing included. Since I'm not sure discussing deleted footage or Ron Moore's commentary would be considered spoilery to anyone at this point, I'm going to break up my thoughts into two sections - my thoughts about the ep as I was watching it followed by some interesting tidbits I picked up in the supplemental material and how it changed my opinion of certain plot points and character actions.

There were many 'OMG's' last night as I watched this episode. (And I'm not even counting the Arms of Apollo. Or the sweat of Apollo. Or the sexy wounds of Apollo. Really, the boy needs to get beat up every week, it works so well for him. :) It's already been said by mant others already, but the teaser was magnificent. It's a testament to the talent of all those involved that very little needed to be conveyed with dialogue. The music, images, and emotions are able to set up the story.

One significant point is converyed via conversation - Apollo's unwillingness to lose control and allow his instincts to take over. Adama's sentiment capping their discussion, "That's why you don't win", acts as an echo of previous comments regarding Lee's control issues and how they are seen as a disadvantage to him. In 'The Hand of God' Adama calls on Starbuck for assistance because she has the ability to "think outside the box. Starbuck, in turn, worries Apollo will overthink the mission and get himself killed. However when we saw Apollo act out without thinking (and with the help of a few drinks) in 'Colonial Day' he placed himself in a dangerous situation he could not have gotten out of on his own.

I was prepared (spoiled) somewhat for the Lee/Kara/Baltar scene having seen a picture of Lee and Kara together sans clothing. I was assured by someone it wasn't waht I thought it was which left me going "Huh?". OK, now I get it. Kara appears to have more of an interest in Lee than just being his buddy though hasn't attempted to act on her feelings. Considering their tangled family history and current situation I can't say as I blame her.

Having skimmed LJ earlier I could see that many were less than pleased with Lee's treatment of Kara after her learned who she had slept with. For some reason I can't be mad at him. Maybe it's because this is an example of what happens when you bottle up your emotions and not knowing how to deal with them when you can no longer hold them in check. He was hurt (jealousy rearing it's ugly head?) and wanted to hurt her back. But, basically calling her a slut and embarrassing her in front of everyone in the bay was beneath him. Sadly, it's also human nature more often than not. What made it all the worse to endure was Kara taking it from him and reminding him what a "screw up" she is as she walked away. Lee is one of the two closest peope to her and he fails to see past the front she puts up.

I was quite shocked that Helo shot Caprica Boomer. I really didn't think he had it in him. Then again, I'm thinking of what usually happens in these situations on TV because we can't tarnish the hero's image. He's angry, hurt, and betrayed by someone he loves and he wanted to hurt her back (hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here...) so he pulls the trigger. Yet, he can't bring himself to kill her. I found it intersting that the Sharon 'clones' are flawed in the eyes of her fellow Cylon's - too soft, too emotional, perhaps too human. Now, I wonder why she was created that way and was she the first of her kind or the last? Did their creator desire to weed out the humanity in his creations or was he attempting to add it back in?

Baltar's actions with Galactica Boomer perplexed me. Was his reaffirming her belief that killing herself was the right thing to do purely an act of self-preservation or was he thinking about what was in the best interests for all aboard Galactica? He appeared genuinly pained by what he was encouraging her to do and it's the first time I found myself sympathizing with him. None of this seemed to be part of Six's plan. It's possible she's starting to lose control of Baltar. Or,, as someone mentioned to me earlier today, is this what she had hoped for all along? Has she given Baltar the confidence to act of his own accord when in fact he is still doing the cylon's bidding?

It's fascinating to watch how faith or the lack of it played a part in various individuals decision making. Laura has a renewd faith due to her illness, but only in so far that it will help her lead her people to a new home. Adama is looking at their predicament from a purely secular perspective, choosing to deal with the reality of their current situation and taking it a day at a time. Kara seemingly lost the faith she had placed in Adama and his promise of the existence of earth.

Now, What I Learned from the Podcast and Deleted Scenes....

Interesting bit of trivia, Jamie and Edward came up with the idea of the boxing and choreographed the scenes themselves. I love hearing information such as this because it shows me how seriously these actors take their roles and how well they grasp their characters so early in the series run.

Well, if you thought Lee came off bad in what we did see, be thankful for rewrites. Originally his confrontation with Kara was to come the squad front of everybody. The thinking was that Kara is always very open with her emotions, not holding back, so this would be Lee's attempt of a sort of joke on her. They eventually decided it was out of character for Lee. Thank you Mr Moore.

Apparently I was sympathizing with Baltar too quickly. Ron Moore refers to him as a "manipulator" and implies that he's even more dangerous now than before. Previously, Baltar was content to sit back and watch events unfold. In convincing Boomer to kill herself he's now actively participating in altering events taking place around him.

The commentary led me to believe that the writers had conceived of far more material than could possibly fit into a two hour finale and the deleted scenes are proof of that. (BTW, it was to be seen as a two hour finale and Moore doesn't seem too pleased it got cut into two parts.)

There was what I would call a C plot involving Tigh and Ellen and their wedding anniversary. Given how much they were dealing with in the episode this just wouldn't fit in, not to mention I didn't see much relevence to anything else that was happening. However, it was interesting to see Ellen manipulating Tigh going on about how it was easier for him when she was dead and how he doesn't get the respect he deserves. She's definitely setting him up for something.

What I was very dissapointed to see cut were several scenes involving Lee and Kara that helped shed light on thier actions and behavior in what we did see. Not to mention, we find out how Lee deduced that it was Baltar Kara slept with.

Scene one establishes they go running together on a regular basis. Meeting up with Kara, his first remark to her is on the state of her hair followed by "you get laid?". She retorts with a comment about his black eye. He extends his hand to her to help her up from where she's sitting, she refuses to take it which gets an "OK, it's like that" from Lee. Except it's not like that and Lee's oblivious to Kara's avoidance of any physical contact between them.

Later, when they have to stop their run do to pain in Kara's knee they fall back to their earlier discussion. Lee asks if she's OK and teasingly inquires if it's "Anyone I know?" Now, He doesn't really seem upset by the prospect of her sleeping with another man which makes me wonder about my previous assumption that his anger towards Kara was a result of jealousy. It would seem that it's the fact that it's Baltar that ticks him off. It's possible he was upset that he feels she chose someone beneath her even if it was just a meaningless encounter.

As to how Lee puts tow and two together, Lee is witness to Baltar excusing himself from the group he is with to take Kara aside and apologize to her for his earlier, drunken behavior. Even though the apology seems sincere, he throws in how he's never been mistaken for another man before to which Kara replies it never happened - another blow to his ego I'm sure.

Some of the other, not terribly important stuff that was cut included.....Tyrol springing Socinus (AKA the guy who took the fall for him in 'Litmus') from the brig. A discussion between Billy and Roslin regarding the drug she is using to treat her cancer. Lee visting Boomer, telling her what a great pilot she is, how valuable she is to the fleet, and chastising her for not checking her gun (buy a clue Lee, buy a clue!). And Baltar asking Six for some alone time and informing her how it will help their relationship. Typical male. :p

Here endeth another long winded post. Someday I'll learn editing is my friend. :)

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