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Must Watch Wednesday

Must See Thursday is now passe so I figure I'd try to coin a new phrase.

Since it's very late, here are my super short recaps...


Locke really is the best thing about this show. And Terry can make great what was a totally predictable storyline.

Sawyer needing glasses was a cut subplot, but I could have done without the Jack/Kate fawning. And how does Ms Tough Chick suddenly get squeemish at the sight of blood?

Boone, I really hope you are the sacrificaial lamb and not the red herring.


Me only criticism of this ep was the lack of suspense. I mean, we knew Syd wasn't going to die. But, it did provide the opportunity to put Marshall in the field which is something I love to see. And, damn, he looked good in the leather coat.

Now, here's where I confess my not so secret kink - seeing my fav couples dance. Just last night I got to see John and Aeryn do just that in my 'Farscape' rewatch and then tonight I get to see Syd and Vaughn do the same. To make it even better, it was a beautifully shot scene.


First, Thomas Haden Church gets an Oscar nod followed by nabbing the lead villian role in the next 'Spiderman' film. Now, Tim Daly looks to have a hit TV show. It's a 'Wings' resurgence! It's your turn next Steven Weber. :)

I was predisposed to like this show. Tim 'Damn I Still Look Good' Daly starring and John 'His Father Use to be a Partner in my Law Firm and we Went to the Same High School' McNamara writing. Still, I liked it a lot. Smart, funny, stylized, and a humdinger of an ending.

And if anyone knows where I can find some Tim Daly icons, let me know. :)
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