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It Is Possible to Love Apollo Even More!

I'll post any profound thoughts that come to me tomorrow, but, for now...

Helo is so whipped. ;) Tonight was the first time I loved Boomer (Caprica Boomer). Telling Helo the *only* reason he's alive is because of her and showing who's in charge. The image of her marching off with him trailing behind her, his gun pointed at the ground, head hanging was priceless. And on top of it, we now know he's gong to act as her protector if for no other reason than she is (Surprise...Not!) carrying his child.

Was Laura's decision to send Starbuck to Caprica a correct one? No. Does it warrant Adama leading a coup? Noooooooo. I really felt this was a horrible move on Adama's part. It was troublesome for two reasons. First, the democracy they have is on shaky ground and to challange it now would only lead to civil unrest. Second, his jump to seize power away from someone *he* deemed incapable of leading reminding me too much of Zarek.

The silver lining of all this? Witnessing Apollo willing to not only stand up, but die for his beliefs. And, damn, he took the words right out of my mouth. You cannot sacrifice democracy for a bad decision. Echoing his father's words about following his instincs was a wonderful touch. Be careful what you ask for from your son Adama.

Did the ruins on Kobol look like Stonehenge? Up close they were obviously the remains of a building, but from a distance the layout reminded me of Stonehenge.

So, the Cylons are creating a new race that will bring them closer to God? It's interesting that they find tampering with genetics is the way to go about it.

I have a feeling that Six's beat down of Starbuck may have been a wee bit personal. Assuming all the Six's are sharing memories.

Boomer shooting Adama did not come as a shock to me. I had a gut feeling as soon as she walked onto the bridge that that was what was going to happen. Why now though and not sooner? She has had opportunity before. But, through Baltar they could have known how the government was disintegrating. Roslin is in the Brig and the VP is stranded on Kobol, leaving just Adama between the fleet and possible chaos. Eliminate him and it's a perfect time for the Cylons to launch an assault.

Oh, yes, let me not forget.....ARMS OF APOLLO! TIED UP! =)
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