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I Think I'm Setting A Personal Record With Posts This Evening

At least they're short!


Tonight I felt like I was watching the 'Alias' I loved. Still no Rambaldi (or maybe this is connected to Rambaldi?), but whatever the hell this Nightingale project is it certainly intrigued me. It involves Sloane, Jack, Vaughn Sr *and* the Derevko sisters?! And I'm not so sure Syd isn't tied into it somehow. I've always wondered if Syd's DNA has been messed with somewhere along the line.

I enjoyed the 'just like old times' of Vaughn and Syd working together on their own countermission. Which leads to Vaughn becoming Mr Rogue Agent. I'm sure that it won't last more than an ep or so, but I'm interested to see what he discovers. Perhaps he'll come across something to save Jack, thus forcing Sloane to welcome him back into the fold.

What was with Sloane acting all high and mighty saying he couldn't use his daughter the way Jack is using his? Have we forgotten the kidnaping, false imprisonment, and pumping Nadia full of toxic chemicals last year?

My favorite moment of the night had to be Syd dressed as Heidi as Seen in Porn slide across the table, knock out the bad guy, and receive a 21 beer salute. :)


Three observations:

Hey! The dead guys not dead! (And cosidering the little speech he got informing him of the danger his family is in if he spills the beans, I have to wonder if she's being forced into spying on Harlan.)

Mitch! You're on a good show!

Tim, have you gotten hotter since the premiere?
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