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I expected my Flist to be all a flutter with House discussion and I find one post?! Maybe everyone else encountered delays too. I think my posting schedule has been permanently disrupted. It use to be friends calling as soon as the credits came to a close on a show. Now, 10:01 it's my mother. Considering the first two comments out of her mouth were regarding Cameron's status and "I really liked this episode. You know why? Wilson. They really need to find a way to work him in more. He adds so much to the show" I think the woman qualifies for fandom status, don't you?

Joe Morton, as usual, was a terrific guest star. Ever notice how House hangs out longer with the really smart patients? The ones that actually can see through the facade he's created and make him revaluate not so much what he's doing, but who he is?

His presence also allowed the show to once again tackle the topic of race which so many shows choose to skirt. At the same time, his initial diagnosis confronted stigmas that still exist in our society. Primarily, he was adament that he did not have AIDS because, well, he was right, but also because while fighting cancer may get him some sympathy votes, fighting AIDS would lose him far more.

As if I didn't already have enough reasons as to why Vogler's chairman position and free reign over the hospital were improbable, now we find out he owns a fricken drug company! I'd let the wrongness of it all get to me if not for a) him going bu-bye soon and b) the preview we got of what I am sure will be the fireworks to come. House's 'speech' was so perfect. He did as ordered, including throwing in a joke. And the thing is, every word he spoke was true. Makes me wonder if the new, improved Vioxx will be back in a year or two.

I'm glad we got confirmation that House was on to Chase who I am also anxioulsy waiting to see get his due. I wanted to take House's cane and bash him over the head when he informed House he "doesn't have a choice". Then I thought, while he doesn't have a choice to not keep him on staff that doesn't mean he can't make his time there a living hell. :)

OK, now for the part that I'm sure will cause furor on a thousand LJs...Cameron. Her words and actions *overall* didn't bother me. I understand her wishing to thank him for sacrificing a bit of his pride to save her/their jobs. And the once eyerolling "Do you like me?" has provided some interesting continuity as well as eliciting from House something I've been wondering "Why?" Becuase if we are to question what the heck he sees in her, I think it's fair to question the same of her. House points out they are very different people.

However, there is one line Cameron utters that is still nawing at me. I actually cringed upon hearing it the first time, "to be grateful for what I receive." So, she'll just take any small kindness, even if he were to turn around five minutes later and tear her to shreds, and be happy with it? It infuriates me seeing women show that type of weakness. The type where women's IQs drop or resolve fades because some guy is involved. She might as well have told him that she'd be waiting there for him to throw his table scraps at her. Say thanks and move on, don't look so frelling pathetic.

I'm still undecided about the ending. "You do it because it's right" which I took to mean she feels that he believes the right thing to do is not move beyond a working relationship. So, she leaves to 'protect herself'. On the one hand, she's actually showing some backbone by realizing, hey, this is going to be incredibly self-detructive to both of us so I'm ending it now. On the other hand, I'm looking at a women giving up a prestigious job because she can't get past mooning over her boss.

And while that tiny rational part of my brain tells me I should hate her and her potential romantic coupling with House, I can't. Dramatically, I like the angst that I'm sure is to ensue. I also like what it may reveal about House. The senator's words about being scared to take chances with people seemed to hit home. Physical intimacy, even on a basic level, seems to be an issue for him. Walking away from Cameron when she took a few steps toward him; unwilling/unable to take her hand.

So, how many of you H/W folks were, uh, wetting yourselves over Wilson's "Do you wnat to come over tonight, watch old movies, and cry?" :p I did find the scene telling in other respects. The reaction off of Wilson's "What makes you think I haven't put the moves on her?" was a clear cut indication of House's feelings towards Cameron. But, it was also may be an indicator of other issues...which I can't discuss now...moving on... And we get the twice divorced, currently married Wilson having no problem admiting he may have made a move on another woman. It's one thing to be unfaithful, it's another matter to be unfaithful and pretty damn open about it.

Second favorite line of the night - "Afternoon Delight. She just loves the hard wood."

And favorite line - "...and Vicadin sales in Jersey will triple." :)
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