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Why Was There A Repeat of 'Lost' On Tonight?

I mean, the show had huge things happen last week and they follow up with a repeat? As if my interest wasn't already waning.

On the other hand, my interest in 'Alias' seems to be growing.

Let me begin by talking about the one thing that irked me. Has Syd always been this dumb? She bitches out her sister for allowing herself to be played by Katya (sp) and then turns around and hangs on the woman's every word herself. Like the music box couldn't be a plant? I throw up my hands at her shifting family allegiances.

But, I look forward to seeing the family reunion. I wonder if we'll ever get the three Derevko sisters together in the same room?

Vaughn's reasoning for believing in his father's innocence and death may have, on the surface, appeared silly at best, corny at worst, but it also seemed plausible to me. There are times in life you have to go with your gut instinct and stick to what you feel to be the truth. Combine that with no proof the Vaughn Sr wasn't the man he portrayed himself to be and I'll accept the rational in this instance.

Speaking of Vaughn, let me take this opportunity to talk about how much I loathe network promos. Since last week the voice of ABC has been telling us how you don't want to cheat on your girlfriend, especially if she's a super spy because she'll kick your ass. I did not think for one moment Vaughn was going that route (kissing in the line of duty, yeah, that I can buy, but nothing beyond that). And I'm clueless as to why the network thought hyping infidelity would get people to tune in. OK, end of rant.

I did love Vaughn's line informing Ms Can't Keep Her Hands to Herself to consider this the second time she's been rejected by the CIA. :)

Tell me if I'm wrong because I wasn't paying attention to the credits, but that was the Bond babe from 'Goldeneye' wasn't it? It amused me that she found herself amongst spys again.

How much did I love Marshall tonight? I'm beginning to think he's experienced more character growth than anyone on the show. Formerly meek, stay in the background Marshall is now taking the initiative, ordering unauthorized tests, and lying to Sloane's face. And he follows that up by tearing into Jack!

Did anyone really believe Sloane was behind all the things he was accused of? Not only did it seem far too easy to pin the blame on him, but I found it hard to believe with all his resources he would have hired a bunch of C list opperatives, including a guy who would spill his guts after a few punches, to carry out one of his nefarious plans.

Now we have two Sloanes?! And one's played by Doc!!! (Hey, I had to throw that in. ;)

THE SCENE between Harlan and Kendall? I was having 'Smashed' flashbacks. And that's always a good thing. :)

I had a major problem with Kendall's reasoning for walking out on Harlan. He's a workaholic who didn't share his work with you? Big fricken deal. Good luck finding Mr Perfect sweetie and I don't think Harlan will be alone for too long.

I could not believe that kid decided, after they saved his ass, that he was keeping the money. I would have been pissed had he gotten away with it. But, I should know with these folks that is not going to happen. :)

Oh, and let me do my I told you so. I knew Nora was being forced to spy on Harlan. She just seemed to care too much about the people she works with to stab them in the back. Whatever Harlan's former boss has on her brother it must be bad if she doesn't think Harlan can help. Or maybe it's tied into what's in the safe?
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