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Yes, I'm Up Ridiculously Early On A Weekend

I'm trying to start a new trend and not sleep the weekend away. It helps that there is GASP! sun to gently awaken me in the morning. And I managed a full, restful eight hours of sleep. Of course, what do I do after getting up? Hop on the computer! Yes, I love you all more than fresh air and actual accomplishment.

I'm also watching the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Honestly, this is the only way I find out about new music. Sad, I know. I like that VH1 actually still shows videos as opposed to snippets of them in between screaming teenagers as MTV chooses to present them. I'll also confess my appreciation for Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. He's not the greatest looking guy nor does he have the best voice, but I've always found something very likeable about him (plus I have a personal affinity for the song 'Mad Season'). Plus he has a sense of humor. Too many musicians seem to think they have to be dour or, hey, we're suppose to laugh because they're famous. Now you know my musical guilty pleasure. And, yes, I will be buying his solo album which comes out Tuesday.

In the hopefully not too distant future I will be bombarding you with Battlestar Galactica posts. Be prepared. It's official. I'm an addict. Blame the writers. Blame the actors. Blame Mr Bamber's arms. I hold them all responsible.

I rented the mini series and have been watching it off and in all week (I think I need to purchase it :). Currently, I'm half way through the audio commentary. A few interesting things to note:

Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos - they wrote the parts with them in mind, but never thought they'd actually get them. :)

One of the producers worked on American Gothic and while relating that information made mention of Lucas Buck who was the devil. OK, I had to stop and rewind to listen again. We never had confirmation he was, in fact, the devil did we? I was always thinking things weren't as they seemed. Now I *really* want those DVDs with commentary.

When the series started I was surprised to see Helo back. I assumed he died on Caprica and was representative of the costs of war. You lose friends. Apparently, I wasn't wrong in my original assumption. The last shot of Helo on Caprica as Sharon flys off was to be the last time we saw him. The behind the scenes folks were so impressed with the actor and the heroism of Helo they decided to make him a regular on the series. Wow. I'm left to imagine how different the show would be without him.

I don't like perfect heros - not even fictional ones. They bore me. I like character flaws. I like to see people make mistakes, big ones. I like to see how they deal with the consequences of their actions. It's then that you get to see what kind of person they really are. When the original series aired, my favorite character was Starbuck. Apollo bored me because you always knew what he was going to do and it would always turn out OK. Ron Moore discusses how Apollo, in the mini, is not very likeable (brusk, standoffish, arrogant, cocky come to my mind). While Apollo's issues may have been present, the attitude was not scripted - that was Jamie's contribution. Damn, if I didn't love the guy enough already he's adding layers!

I totally forgot that Bryan Singer was the one who originally resurrected the BSG franchise with the idea of doing a sequel of sorts. If I recall correctly, he dropped out partly due to his commitment to X2, partly due to other issues. It all worked out for the best. And I might not have House to enjoy if his plans hadn't changed. :(

I'll post later any other interesting tidbits I come across.

And now for the reeeaaaalllly important part of this post.....


I like a gal that you can call the Queen of Smut and she'd take it as high praise. ;) I hope you have a fabulous birthday full of lots of interesting prezzies we probably don't need to hear about. And you don't need any tattoo, you're perfect, just as you are. :-)
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