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Beware, I'm In A Really Pissy Mood

Yes, the first half of my day was good. Then, I sensed a sudden turn in my mood, exacerbated by Target who advertises an exclusive CD that they apparently got all of five copies both stores...across town from each which I ventured. I became irrationally upset by this. Why!? I asked myself. Then I looked at my calendar and went, oh, 26 days and counting, now I get it.

Apparently, not so much. As most of you know, I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan. I have spent countless hours contemplating alien life forms, time travel, and wormholes/warp fields/hyper drives. I have never, NEVER, witnessed anything as unbelievable as I did tonight. My anger reached levels I can't even describe. I'm at the point of believing that not a single writer on 'House' has ever stepped foot in a hospital or actually met a doctor. And while in all likelihood that woman was going to die from the cancer, as far as I'm concerned, Vogler killed her. He deprived her of the opportunity to see her child and maybe have a few happy months with him. It what the hell hospital can a hospital chairman ring up an OR, cancel surgery, and have the doctor go along with it?!?!?!

::Takes deep breath::

That's only one instance of how preposterous all of this was. And I just loved how he was going to fire everyone who dared speak up. Vogler's master plan was apparently to bring in lots of money to an unstaffed hospital.

In all likelihood, I'll never watch this ep again. Yes, I despised it that much. I can deal with angst and heartbreak, but I don't want to be made so angry that I literally make myself sick. It's just a TV show and I *know* it will be the show I love again now that the albatross is gone. As far as I'm concerned they even bungled his exit from the show. Cuddy saves the day? Cuddy who turned in parents for child neglect without ever meeting them or cosulting with the doctor in charge? Whatever.

Beleive or not, I did manage to find a few things I liked:

The opening sequence - I knew it was a dream because, damn, it wasn't going to be that easy and I also noticed House's cane was MIA. But, the scene was a great start to the ep as it reminded of how brilliant the writing can be. Here I was laughing, yet when House got up and walked - no cane, no limp, no pain - I got teary due to the poignancy of it. Of course, in his dreams he's 'normal' and undamaged. We also see a glimpse of the sympathetic doctor he could be and can be when the need arises as when he all but begs the father to save his son at the end.

OK, I fell a little bit in love with Wilson tonight. (I'm beginning to sense I have this thing for good looking, noble guys, with anger issues bubbling just beneath that pretty surface. ;) Much like House, he's created a persona for himself, yet we've seen hints that all is not well. The three marriages. The tragedy of the missing brother. The emotions rising to the surface, but not quite breaking through. Well, he finally let it those feelings out. No kids and (another) a bad marriage. All he has is his job and his friendship with House and House screwed that up. As happy as I was to see House embarass Vogler last week, suddenly I found myself symapthing with Wilson, completely understooding where he was coming from. He and everyone else take a lot of crap from House and was it too much for him to do one thing for their benefit?

I didn't enjoy Foreman and Chase's petty bickering, but it made me realize that everyone had officially turned against everyone else and the root cause of it all? Vogler. Thank God he took his money with him because I didn't want any possibility of seeing him back.

For those that complain they save all there patients, well, not tonight. And I give the show credit for not going with the chessy she-gets-one-look-at-her-baby-before-she-dies scenerio because it seldom, if ever happens that way.

Oh, and one final thought, I missed Cameron. I'm probably in the minority there. :p
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