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TV Recap And One You'll Be Surprised About

Nothing to say about Eyes other than I enjoyed it and I really wish House had thought about hiring Harlan Judd to get rid of Vogler weeks ago. ;)

I also enjoyed Alias though, once again, I felt the show's momentum came to a screeching hault during the Nadia scenes.
Arvine Clone! HA!

The Rambaldi room. I really wish my memory was better so I could have identified everything there.

That final scene with the real Sloane, ok, now THAT was disturbing. Arvin's done some truly horrible things but I don't recall ever seeing him that visceral or hands on or taking so much pleasure from it before. Good, now we can blame Syd for unleashing the monster again.

The surprise recap is Veronica Mars. Because my dear friend writteninstars went ga-ga over it this past weekend I decided to give it one more try. I can't say I didn't enjoy parts of it. I also can't say that I fell in love with it. During one scene, I even found myself disturbed. Before anyone points out I can't appreciate it because I've missed numerous episodes, please don't. I've fallen in love with shows (Buffy being the prime example) previously having missed a vast number of episodes. As long as I know the basic storyline, I'm fine. And...I was going to say more on that subject but considering the mood I'm in, it's probably best to refrain.

I liked the Veronica/Logan scenes and they seem to have a very nice chemistry. Plus, I do enjoy a good forbidden relationship. ;)

So, Veronica was dating a sheriff's deputy? Isn't she like 17? And while he was cute he seemed, well, not too bright. Though very forgiving after her admission that she just made out with her dead best friend's boyfriend who she hates. I wouldn't be so mature and self-possesed in that situation and I'm 33.

Pa Mars is taking hair samples for, I'm guessing, DNA tests which may or mat not show that Veronica and Duncan are sibs. That was being speculated about the last time I watched an ep. Now, if Duncan were to be Lily's killer that means she could possibly be sending her half brother ex-boyfriend away for the murder of her best friend/sister once removed? Paging Dr Phil...

OK, I'm going to say it. I always thought AH was overrated on Buffy. Seeing her here I'm more convinced than ever. The girl better hope to luck into another series.

In the last episode I recall watching Logan's Dad was beating Logan with a belt while his mother sat in another room downing a drink. Maybe not so dear old dad has changed. However, I found the scene where he exacts revenge on his daughter's abuser bizzare and off-putting. He, himself, beat his son (thus continuing a cycle of family violence), but apparently has the 'No one else touches my kids!' mentality. What really left me perplexed though was Veronica and Logan's reaction to his violence and that the writers cap it with a joke - 'How was school?' Maybe it was just me, but I felt as if we were to applaud what he did to that guy. And maybe because I know people who were emotionally/physically/sexually abused I found it distasteful and insulting.

'House' is a repeat next week so I might tune in again. But, yeah, that's all the enthusiasm I can muster.
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