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Since I Probably Won't Have Time to Post Tomorrow....

After five trips this week to two different Target's I finally found a copy of the exclusive Rob Thomas CD they were advertsing. Good thing the store was practically empty at 9:00am or I would have embarrased myself. I was pretty damn excited. Of course, as my mother pointed out, did I really want the disc that badly or was it my stubborn refusal to give up until I had a copy? Probably more the latter than the former. It's that same determination that allowed me to fight my way through a crowd to get Hugh Jackman's scribble on my Playbill.

After shopping I went into work to catch up on stuff I couldn't get to during the week. Of course, I got distracted by LJ so I didn't get as much done as I should have. Not to mention danceswithwords gave me some excellent info on laptops last night which I needed to investigate. I may be zeroing in on a purchase. I've set a deadline of July 15th for Browder/Bamber chatting purposes. ;-)

I found out via queenofthorns - the only person I know possibly more obsessed with Apollo than I ;) - that Jamie Bamber appeared in a horror flick called Ghost Rig. Apparently the movie isn't very good, but he looks good in it. Upon further investigation I discoverd that it's only $6 at I think the arms of Bamber are worth at least that much.

Tomorrow night I shall be spending the evening with Sting. Well, me and several thousand others. I haven't been to a concert in sometime and I haven't seen Sting since his 'Ten Summoners Tales' tour. It sould be fun.
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