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And I Thought I Was Addicted

My mother calls me earlier this evening about something apparently unimportant because I can't recall her reason for calling. She mentions that she won't be calling me back again later because she knows I'll be watching (as will she) House at 9. This exchange follows:

Me: "Actually, I won't be watching it. It's a repeat tonight."
Mom: "WHAT?! What do you mean it's a repeat. You're kidding me, right?"
Me: "Why would I kid about something like that?"
Mom: "But, I have my whole night planned (preceeds to list TV viewing schedule). How can they do this?"

At that point we went into a discussion of saving eps for May sweeps and her night being ruined. Seriously, I don't recall the last time she got this worked up over a TV show. Broadway musical, yes, but a TV show?

BTW, she also mentioned that she was perusing the new TV Guide and they had a list of TV's hottest doctors. Guess who was #1? :-) Mom wasn't so amazed that Hugh was #1, more so that he was suddenly considered hot at this point in his life.

For those just waking up from a coma today, the Serenity trailer made it's debut online. I'm not bothering to link it becasue a) I'm lazy and b) I think everyone else on LJ already has. I'll avoid spoilers and just say it looked very, very cool. I also found it interesting how they are choosing to market the film.

OK, I promised writteninstars a recap of the Sting concert last night, but do to a lingering headache didn't get to it.

My friend and I got there early. Apparently too early according to my friends whining. Hey, I hate being rushed and I actually wanted to see the opening act, Phantom Planet. Technically, I wanted to hear one of their songs, 'California' as heard on The O.C. (Extremely cool hearing it live.) Turns out I actually knew two of their songs. 'Lonely Day' sounded very familiar and, sure enough, it's on my Smallville soundtrack. Anyway, they were pretty good and thanked those of us in the audiance who showed up early. :)

What can I say about Sting? Let's start with Oh My God does he still look incredible! We had seats in the lower bowl of the arena, second section to his right. Great view of the entire stage, but not great for a close up look. Luckily, Ann (one of the secretaries at work who won two of the other tickets) brought her binoculars and let me borrow them a few times. :) He happened to look right in our direction when I was looking through them one time so I had the illusion of eye contact for a second. Plus, he did this little hip shake thing later on.....nuff said.

As for his voice, it has really held up well. He sounds exactly like he does on his albums. The song collection was a mix of Police songs with several from the 'Synchronicity' album including 'King of Pain', my personal fave and hits from his solo career ('Fields of Gold'). He also through in some unexpected choices including a cover of The Beatles 'A Day in the Life', and non-hits 'I Hung My Head', 'Lithium Sunset' and a song I adore, 'Why Should I Cry For you'. No 'Desert Rose', but this was a stripped down show with only he, two guitarists, and a drummer and I'm not sure that song would be conducive to such an arrangement.

He's never played this side of the state before and he said he'd be back. I hope because I'd definitely like to see him perform again. I'm just incredibly impressed he's as good (if slightly less energetic) today as he was ten, twenty years ago.

OK, off to give VM another try. I still say it's no House! :p
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Sting,yum. Lucky you.

A new House fix would have been nice today, but I got the Serenity trailer, so I'm trying not to be greedy.

I'm watching the House rerun and I just noticed that Wilson is carrying around "The Placebo Journal." Who knows, maybe there is such a thing. I once knew an engineer who subscribed to the "Journal of Lubrication."
I'm suddenly thankful that Wilson wasn't carrying the 'Journal of Lubrication'. My friends into teh slash would have died of a collective heart attack.
But their corpses would have been wearing smiles!

*suddenly has an insane desire to write a fic involving that journal*

It's a good thing I have to run an errand right now. Hopefully, by the time I get home, the urge will have passed.
You're so right about my corpse wearing a smile. *g*

And the Placebo Journal is quite real. It's a medical humor type of thing. Here is the issue he was carrying. (Yeah, I'm a little bit obsessed with Wilson. *cough*)
Thanks for the link!

And Wilson is adorable. I was wondering what happened to the actor last year when I was re-watching "Much Ado About Nothing," and it was a nice surprise to find him in this role. I watch "House" for him, Laurie, and Epps, mostly.
Robert Sean Leonard has done a lot of theatre in NY (he won a Tony two years ago, I believe), but as he said in a recent interview, theatre doesn't really pay well. *g* So he headed out to LA and ended up doing the House pilot (mostly because he's a fan of Sherlock Holmes), but he had no hope of the show ever making it beyond the first few eps because he figured it was too smart to be popular. Boy, am I glad he was wrong.
Heh, i had the exact same conversation with my mom the other night, just not about House but desperate housewives, and my answer was that years have more than 22 weeks, then she looked at me funny.
When I use to complain about pre-emptions and repeats I received very little sympathy. Now she's acting as if FOX is personally screwing her over. I've created a monster!
Heh. Parents are so cute when they develop television obsessions.

I'm so glad you had such a good time at the concert!
Wheee! I'm glad you had a good time at the concert. Concerts are fun and stuff. Sting is still hot. Phantom Planet is still good. VM is still my #1 addiction. And you are still my pookie. ;-)
Oooooh, you saw Sting! Very cool. Glad you had a great time!

And your mom is totally the honorary LJer. Getting pissed off at reruns - wow. I feel a little better about getting my new roommate helplessly addicted after a single ep; she was waiting for me tonight to explain just what the hell happened in the meantime, and why Cameron seems to be back... *g*
LOL about Cameron. Maybe you could explain she's like Dawn on Buffy - she just magically appeared. ;)

I think I may need to get my mom a little certificate giving her honorary LJ status. That and a lot more meds. :p She usually reserves this kind of anger for our local PBS affiliate that replaces 'Great Performances' with hunting and fishing shows.
Your mother is obviously a woman of high intellect and extreme good taste. How did she end up with a daughter like you? ;p

The concert sounds fantastic. I am jealous. I'm also glad you enjoyed it. As for Sting's longevity, it must be the yoga.

off to give VM another try. I still say it's no House! :p

If you did say that it would be blasphemy.
I'll be curious to see your reaction to VM once a certain somebody starts the indoctrination proceedings with you. So far the only character I'm really liking is Logan and he may be all evil.
Not having ever seen VM I can't actually make any judgements on it one way or another. I do, however, feel fairly confident in saying that it won't rival my love of House.

indoctrination proceedings

That sounds scary. I'm scared now. Maybe she'll be gentle.
Sounds like you had an awesome time at the concert. He's definitely a man who has only gotten better with age.