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Beware ot Zap2it today. I just went over there to look at there headlines and there was a big honking spoiler for tonight's Alias at the top of their listings. On the brightside, it wasn't so much of a shock to me since it's something I guessed weeks ago. :/

When Clark (Tom Welling) loses his memory due to a mysterious young boy, Chloe (Allison Mack) must teach him about his superpowers while keeping him from accidentally revealing his secret to others. Later, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) takes advantage of Clark with regard to the hidden stones.

So, would this be the ep all you slashers have been waiting for? ;)

Cameron still appears to be MIA. Which is probably one of the more plausible things the show has done lately. It would make sense that she'd be gone for at least a couple weeks. I hate shows that have characters leave at the end of one ep only to have them reappear at the very start of the next ep.

Sela and Hugh looked good together and I'll enjoy watching how House squirms/deals with his past. One thing threw me though - the voiceover announcing she was joining the cast. HUH? I knew she would be appearing in the last two eps this season with a possibility of her returning next, but I've heard nothing of her becoming a series regular. I'll assume it's just FOX and their screwy promo department distorting things again.

I actually chuckeled at the end of the episode. Not because I found the ending itself humerous at all, but I envisioned the reaction of the majority of my friends list. Really, I've been there, I know your pain, and it's just nice to not be so emotionally invested (for a change) and instead I can spend my morning reading Galactica fic. :)

I did feel bad for Logan though. Poor guy put in all that planning and was so excited for his date to be stood up with no clue as to why. I like Logan and when I considered it he's the only character I really do like. Veronica I like with him, but, left to her own devices, she still kinda annoys me. And the rest of the characters are rather blah to me (accept for Meg(?) - why isn't she a regular?).

As for Logan being responsible for the drugs, from following various LJs I know this comes as a shock to practically no one. A statement Aaron made stuck with me that Logan was a good kid before Lily's murder and her death changed him. Which leads me to think that he either a) initially bought the drugs for his own use or b) did spike Veronica's drink and allowed other drinks to be spiked because he was pissed off at the world and lashing out. If he was in pain, he was going to see to it that others suffered too. However, being 15(?) at the time his intention was probably to have people make asses out of themselves without contemplating the more sever consequences of what he was doing. He perhaps wanted to humiliate Veronica, but I doubt he wanted her to be raped.
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