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Off to San Francisco I Go

Well, a week from Thursday. :) I will be meeting up with the lovely writteninstars as I seem to every May and her friend addicted2goo who I've heard much about, mostly good. ;) We've already informed ascian3 and danceswithwords that they will be meeting us like it or not. DWW and I are plotting on convering WIS to the brilliance of Jamie Bamber's Arms Battlestar Galactica while we are there.

So, if anyone else would care to meet up while we are there or has any tips on places to go, let us know. Thus far, we really have no set plans.

I had a relatively boring weekend which included shopping (I found a pair of high heeled sandals that were more than I wanted to spend, but looked too cute on me to pass up), the weekly decluttering of my apartment, and attending a going away party for one of my co-workers who quit a few weeks ago. Amidst the posing for pictures, office gossip, and crying (not by me I would like to point out) I discovered I'm coming closer to perfecting my brownie recipe which was a huge hit.

And I'll probably regret asking, but has anyone seen the most recent pics of James from his European tour? I saw some posted over at The good news is he's grown his hair out a bit. The bad news is he's wearing the open shirt and pimp chains again.

Fortunately also had some photos of a recent Kane perfomance. Christian got himself a haircut! I'm sure it had to do with that pilot he's shooting - thank you Jerry Bruckheimer. And while they're not Jamie Bamber arms, he as some mighty fine arms. :)

I'm seeing from other LJs that apparently thedeadlyhook had a birthday this weekend (it's not on your user info page missy! :p). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great one.
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