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Why I'll Never Be Able to Hear "Whole Foods" Again Without Laughing...

How I loved this episode, let me count the ways. One, two, and three being taken up by the absence of Vogler. Five minutes into this ep and it just felt different, yet different as in it being as it was before the asshole was intorduced. Character imperfections and some small writing issues aside, these are the characters I know and love. Even Cameron. Shut up. :p

The show started off well by suckering me. I didn't take my eyes off the girl waiting to see what tragedy was about to befall her. Then she nails the dive, rises victorious to the surface...and we see the judge has collapsed. Cool. :)

Next scene is, sing it with me, she's baaaack. I still think the writing of her character is a bit off kilter (more so in the closing scene than this one), but their scenes together provide some very telling (and cute, sue me) moments. It didn't dawn on me before, but Cameron is quite literal. And House is quite the BSer. Vogler bowed down before him? More like Cuddy saved your ass, but play the conquering hero. ;) And Cameron notices the new cane. The point of which is she notices, especillay the little things about him that no one, besides perhaps Wilson, would. I'll get back to the closing scene between them in a bit.

So, House IS making Chase suffer. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to see. I love ya Wilson, but firing him is just too easy. Not to mention it would probably feed into some deep seated belief he has that he is the most expendable in House's eyes. It's interesting to see that House won't fault him for saving his job. His disappointment/anger is possibly a result of House expecting better from him. Yep, make him toil with tedious work and remind him who is boss now that his protector is gone. I hope this continues for the rest of the season, at least. Yes, I'm vindictive.

Ha! They addressed Cuddy's cleavage. It's not very professional for the hospital adminstrator to be showing that much of it. Now, I didn't catch this on first viewing, but I noticed upon watching the scene again that RSL was trying *very* hard to stifle laughter while Hugh was hiding behind the folder and delivering his "produce department at Whole Foods" line. I say RSL and not Wilson because on the subsequent shots of Wilson, while he's definitely trying to look at everything but her breasts and failing miserably, I don't sense him being overly amused. Considering how much I was laughing during that scene, I can imagine it was difficult for the actors not to.

Petra scared me. Forget the shoes, she was far too prepared for that interview. She said exactly what she thought House would want to hear. She was too perfect. I hate kiss asses. Though it gave Wilson THE line of the episode - "That's our Hitler!". They quoted 'The Producers'! I love it when my worlds collide. :)

Because, over the years, I've given FOX a lot of crap - all of it deserving - once in while they do something right and I feel I have to give them a small pat on the back. They allowed an episode to air that involved a pregnant twelve year old and her undergoing an abortion. Granted, there was a medical necessity to having the pregnancy terminated, but they still said the word, they still showed the aftermath of the procedure. It's shocking and disturbing and, sadly, it happens. The girls emotional coldness followed by a breakdown seemed pretty realistic. And I'm glad the writers had it be the result of bad judgement and immaturity rather than something more sinister. I was a little concerned that we were going to find out that the coach wasn't just a nice guy.

Back to Cameron and House...if you want to blame anyone for the date, blame Wilson. :p The H/C relationship is quite a mess and I'm trying to determine if it's an intentional mess or the result of ill conceived storytelling. It makes sense, professionally, that House would want Cameron back rather than hirer someone new. She not only puts up with his crap, she'll also call him on it. She is a good doctor. And, perhaps most importantly, she's a known commodity to him. House likes to be challanged, I'm not so sure he likes surprises.

The thing that confuses me is how Cameron faces the issue. Logically, she should make a decision as to which is more important to her - her job or a potential relationship with House. Allowing herself to combine the two and forcing him to make an all or nothing decision will only lead to the above mentioned mess.

And House allows himself to be sucked into all of this. I don't imagine the date going well next week. At the same time, it's clear he has some feelings for Cameron. Ultimately, he allowed Wilson's words to guide him in his decision. Maybe Cameron isn't THE one, but rather the first step in a potential relationship with SOMEONE. Wilson made two important statments to House. First, that House looks for flaws to push people away, specifically "every woman you've given a damn about". Secondly, he's going to end up alone. House may outwardly exhibit behavior that would make you think he wants just that, but does he really? Do any of us? Dating Cameron, even one date, is him attempting to connect with another human being. It's why I found him extending his hand to her so poignent - he's trying.

My only criticisms tonight have to deal with the medical stuff which I know is pretty preposterous on a weekly basis anyway. I found it hard to believe that even with the crisis the hospital was facing they couldn't provide proper testing facilities for Mary. And while I understand the importance of patient confidentiality, considering the parents have to sign off for their daughter, a minor, to have surgery, wouldn't he have to tell them what the surgery and subsequent treatment was for? No way I'd allow a doctor to haul my kid into surgery and not tell me why.

BTW, I determined tonight how to tell if you are addicted to a show.

May 2003 - Tuesday Night on UPN.

"Basketball! Who the Hell cares about basketball?! Damn those @&%#$!!! programmers and their stupid $&@!%!!$! sporting events. How am I suppose to wait until Saturday?!?!?!"

May 2005 - Tuesday Night on UPN.

"Basketball? Eh, they'll show it Saturday."

Yes folks, my name (sort of) is Asta and I am *not* a 'Veronica Mars' addict. :-)

And a *slightly* belated Happy Birthday! to a woman with exceptionally good taste in TV shows ;) sal101010. Hope you got lots of nice prezzies and a fast download tomorrow/today. :)
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