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Wednesday TV Recap

I hope next season they curtail the flashbacks because I don't see them adding a whole lot to the story other than, in this case, Sayid shouldn't have changed flights.

They buried Boone and I felt nothing. That can't be good.

Was Jack walking around in circles a metaphor for the show?

It actually made sense that the baby stopped crying around Sawyer because he probably was the only one not tense around the kid. Least Charlie and Claire will have a babysitter when they need one.

Syd having to play her mother was awfully contirved, but besides that I was impressed with this episode. Great opening not just because of the action, but because it carried the story over from last week as we find Dixon still undercover. It reminded me of the good old days when we had the cliffhanger needing to be resolved every week.

The doctor was a hallucination! Honestly, that surprised me and it's been awhile since the show has done that for me. It also surprised me that Michael McKeon wasn't evil. That he can miraculously save Jack? Not a surprise. :p

It was great to see VG given something more to do than his usual stoicism. We got to see amother side to Jack Bristow and, more importantly, so did Syd. JG really got to me as she tried to hold back the tears. It was such a marvelous scene between the two. Her pretending to be her mom didn't squick me out as much as I thought it was going to. And it did give MV that great line about having sharp shooters ready should Jack get out of line. :)

Um, do spies generally bring their laptops home? Especially when of, in the wrong hands, they can provide the opportunity for the bad guys to kill millions?

So, I'm watching this Prime Time special on AI. Paula, you've got some splainin to do. On the bright side, maybe we'll be spared her crappy commentary in the not too distant future.
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