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Four More Days!!!

Only four more days until I embark on my San Francisco trip! :D And I have soooooo much to do before them. And what am I doing now? I'm on LJ. What am I doing later? I'm going to see Monster In Law. Yes, really. It was my mother's idea. She thought Jane Fonda looked funny and she pointed out that a certain Mr Vartan is in it. So, yeah, I caved. ;)

The pre-empted Veronica Mars airs later. The braintrust at my local UPN affiliate has scheduled it against Desperate Houswives. I may have thoughts on that tomorrow assuming I can word them as to not piss anyone off. ;-)

OK, now, confession time. I'm spoiled. No, not just in the general sense, DUH, you probably already knew that. :p I read a major spoiler for Serenity. It was my own fault, REALLY (I have to emphasize that because the poster was blaming herself the other night when she had clearly marked it as spoilage). And I'm REALLY not upset about what I found out. Plus, it will be fun torturing certain people with the information I have for the next several months. :)

I also read some *very* brief episode synopsis for the first five eps of BSG (one bit of info was actually in the TV Guide article from some time ago) and an interview with Jamie Bamber which I considered more spoilery than the synopsis. But, if he's discussing something in an interview the show must not consider it that spoilery, right? That's my logic at least. My problem now is that I've spent the last day and a half thinking about what I read and speculating and I have no one to share my thoughts with! :(

OK, off to answer a few e-mails then do some housework before Mom arrives.

ETA: Seems as if Jennifer Garner may be pregnant. Great. Tie yoursself to the idiot the rest of your life. I don't even want to contemplate how this may screw up the show.
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