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The Bad and the Beautiful

Since I had a wee bit of time to kill between cleaning up the dump and going to see Monster In Law I finally got around to watching Ghost Rig AKA 'Jamie Bamber in the Red T-Shirt'. ;-) The movie was not good though not as bad as I thought it would be. The cinematography was a plus (it reminded me *a lot* of The X-Files), but whoever wrote the script should never, ever write again. There were more plot holes than swiss cheese and laughably bad dialogue. I don't think I'll be spoiling anyone if I say that in this horror movie, people were being picked off one by one in an unexplained way which Jamie's character, Tom, describes as "something weird going on". What tipped you off? Then there was Vincent who had some idea of what the wierd thing was that was occurring, but didn't think it was important to share until the corpses started piling up.

Jamie's wife appears in the film. I didn't know which of the three actresses was the mrs until some research I did about five minutes ago. Surprisingly, she wasn't the most attractive of the three. On the other hand, she could act which I was finding very attractive amongst the many who couldn't. One of the actresses seemed to think if she HOLLERED EVERY ONE OF HER LINES it would show how scared and pissed off she was. No, it just shows she can't act.

Back to Jamie. He looked very pretty thus it made it worth my six dollar investment. I really wish I could make screencaps of him with the red shirt and tossled hair. I can also understand why the 'Galactica' producers asked him to drop ten pounds. I don't think it was weight (trust me, he ain't heavy in this), but mass that they needed him to lose. If you're playing a Viper pilot jammed into that tiny cockpit, it's logical to think the leaner the better.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, my review of Monster In Law. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. There were some genuine laughs in the film and Jane Fonda and J Lo had some good chemistry. J Lo and Michael Vartan, on the other hand, not so much. But, their relationship was actually secondary so it wasn't a major problem for me. Besides, he provided good eye candy. My mother actually said to me, not in her quiet voice, after his first scene as he's runing along the beach sans shirt, "OK, now just control yourself." It's both a blessing and a curse to have a mother who gets these things. :/

Jane and Wanda Sykes stole the movie, but J Lo did hold her own. I actually liked her character and I'm not sure I could say that since Out of Sight. Will Arnett had a very small role as MV's friend, However, he did have a reaction shot to MV's attempt to ask J out that had the entire theater laughing.

Unless you're a fan of one of the actors in the film, you could probably skip seeing it in the theatre. But, I'd say it's worthy of a DVD rental.

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