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If there wasn't proof enough I'm a 'Galactica' addict....

This morning my right knee got whacked hard by a door. My reaction? I grabbed it and said "Frack!". Yeah, just call me Starbuck. :p

Apparently there is another round of Serenity sneak peaks on May 26th. I doubt it will be coming anywhere near me and that's the only way I'd be able to see it since I can't get any time off work to travel. Oh, and it will have showed in San Fran the week before and week after I'm there. Me? Bitter?

I watched Veronica Mars last night.

Ok, instead of being all "Awwwwww" when Logan announced in front of family and friends that Veronica was his girlfriend, I actually was creeped out. I understand that she's helped him deal with the chaos of his life and that would lead him to cling to her to an extent, but I just sensed something very unhealthy about his feelings towards her. Logan was very possessive of Veronica throughout the episode to the point that she's become his entire world. He seems to be trading in one dysfunctional relationship for another.

Almost as troublesome to me as his smothering of Veronica is her acceptance of it. I'm at a loss that Logan confesses to drugging Duncan at the party which, however unintentional, led to her not-rape-I-guess and she just shrugs it off? Hasn't this been one of two things that has consumed her all season and just because her 'boyfriend' confesses/apologizes it's in the past now?

And because I've missed many episodes, I'm very confused on one point. How much of the tangled family drama is Veronica fully aware of? Duncan's revelation that he slept with Veronica knowing she was his sister (though, I think not) seems to be destroying him, but it didn't seem to add to her pain at all.

The only two people I really felt bad for were Veronica's dad, who got stiffed on his finder's fee, and Duncan, after his proclamation that he can't stop loving Veronica.
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