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A House Divided

Yes! The puns are back! And even though I'm exhausted and my living room looks like a clearance sale and I'll be freaking out tomorrow because I've done no organizing/packing yet, I'm here and must comment.

The opening scene had to be the best one ever. The patient is my favorite guest star ever. Maybe it's just me, but I loved Patient With No Name's chemistry with House and Wilson. And while RSL's reactions to discovering that Cameron came back simply because she likes House and that he agreed to go on a date with her ("WHAT?!"), my favorite moment belongs to the patient. He puts his arm around House like they're pals. A very presumptuous move in and of itself, but with Mr Anti-Social who not too long ago didn't want to be in the same room with a patient? I was expecting a rather strong reaction either verbally or with his cane, but nothing.

Soon after came another unexpected moment. House, with the concerned look and serious music playing in the background, informs Wilson they have to get the man into the O.R. NOW. And instead of Wilson jumping on the 'OMG, we have to save the patient!' bandwagon, he pauses to announce "You gave the guy a stroke?!" :)

Now, the rest of this is basically about House and Cameron and me not hating her, so turn away now if you must. ;p

I was momentarily pissed that she spilled the "terms of her new contract" not more than thirty seconds after he asked her specifically not too. But then I thought about how stupid he was announcing he had cut some special deal in front of his other two employees. Yeah, I'd be asking questions. And, sure, she could lie, but that creates a whole other mess to deal with.

While I understand Wilson wanting to see his friend happy, Cuddy being supportive of the date threw me. I'll just skim over the issues with her being the hospital administrator and taking such a stance (there's really no way to defent her position professionally), but address it from the personal perspective. She, too, wants to see House happy. Which, on some level, means she has to like and respect the guy - reaffirming the assertaion Vogler (Can I say again how great it is he's gone? :) made to Cuddy some weeks ago.

We also get confirmation that his last relationship, five years ago (no wonder he was so nervous), ended badly. Nice laying of groundwork for future developments. ;)

I liked Foreman looking out for his friend, yet something about his little speech felt off to me. I think it may be that the theory he was so confidant about overlooked one big fact - House does have feelings for Cameron. Way to read people Eric. And the drug company rep really was just interested in you!

I loved the dinner conversation and, at this point in time, I think it was an excellent way to deal with their relationship. The thing that struck me was that as much truth as there was in House's analysis of Cameron, it was also very telling about him. The *only* reason he believes she's attracted to him is because he's "damaged" and that's what she needs - a project to be fixed. It made me a little sad to know he lives with such a belief.

In her silent reaction to his words, she acknowledges being hit with harsh truths (though I wonder if it was more of a surprise at hearing him say the words rather than being informed of something she didn't already know), but it's combined with seeing him as he sees himself for the first time. It was a surprise to her. I don't think she expected him to drop the facade and expose that, however confidant he is in his professional life, it doesn't exist in his personal life.

Regardless, his words didn't seem to discourage her all that much. And it's not as if he told Wilson he'd never go out with her again. The door still seems to be open. Maybe from now on she'll let him walk through it at his own pace.

I could address the anvils control/trust issues presented at the end, but aren't the parallels pretty damn obvious? Plus, I'm sleepy. The whole dom/sub stuff fell flat for me anyway. I guess I've read too much fanfic to be shocked by anything anymore.

Oh, let me not forget to mention the condoms with antibiotics built in! ::still laughing::

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