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Best Vacation Ever!

I'll post in detail this weekend (after I watch this week's 'House' which apparantly was THE best ep of the season...Grrrr), but I wanted to say a few words about the wonderful folks I met.

writteninstars - Eh, I've hung out with her before, she's great, blah, blah, blah, moving on. ;)

addicted2goo - Wis's oldest and one of her dearest friends. I've heard *a lot* about her. Most of it good and most of it true. ;) Seriously, she is one of the sweetest people I've met and a great sport. She's not in The Fandom, but patiently sat and listened to all of us ramble on about Buffy and BSG and Farscape and any other genre show you can imagine and didn't doze off on us once. ;-)

danceswithwords - The person I knew best of the people I was to 'meet'. It was incredibly cool to get to hang out and watch BSG together and work to convert Wis and A2G to the Power of Bamber. :) (We've succeeded in getting them to watch the rest of the season though there was a claim of DWW's and my ship wars ruining it for them! :p) And let me say, she went above and beyond for us - freeing up her entire weekend to spend with us all, driving us all over the city and to Napa, and losing much sleep. It's going to be very odd not seeing her every day. :(

ascian3 - We hate her. Really, quit being so happy, it's sickening woman. ;p Another person who went out of her way (literaly) to spend time with us as did her husband who braved traffic congestion to be surrounded by a group of women. Hmmm, maybe that wasn't such a hardship for him...

ros_fos - Sadly, we only had a brief amount of time with her and part of that was drowned out by *really* bad music, but she is delightful. And informative. Who knew there was 'Finding Nemo' slash? Who wanted to know?

thedeadlyhook - Sadly, her hubby, toysdream couldn't join us due to other obligations (though, he never would have fit in the car ;), but if you are looking for a tour guide in the Golden Gate/Presidio area she is your gal. Another person who went above and beyond to inform and entertain us. We weren't sure we would have anymore time to spend with her beyond dinner Friday night, but I'm so thankful we could work something out. :)

pukajen - I know I was in a chat with her once and I'd seen a post here and there, but I can't say that I knew her that well before today. Not only was she funny and generous (repeatedly stopping the car so us tourists could take pics), but she has all the good gossip! ::must friend::

I'm going to miss you all terribly, but am extremely grateful I got to spend the time with you I did. We *must* do it again sometime.

Oh, in fandom news, not only did Christian Kane's pilot get picked up, but I just read that Alan Tudyk will be replacing Hank Azaria in 'Spamalot'. I was bummed to be missing Hank, but Alan is a damn good substitution. :D
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