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I'm Home!

Technically, I was home three hours ago, but I chated a bit with my work buddy who was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. Then called writteninstars to find out about her Memphis ordeal (I'll let her explain). Then mom to tell her I was safe and proceeded to make the mistake of getting into a long involved conversation. Following all this I felt possessed to unpack before finally hopping in the shower. And yes, WIS, I did watch House. :p May I say it rocked like a rocky thing. Amazing episode to the point I don't even know where to begin conveying my thoughts. Wait, yes I do. If Hugh does not win an Emmy there will be throwing of things at the TV. Unbelievable work from all involved, cast and crew. Maybe I'll get to some more detailed thoughts later in the week.

It's very odd reacclimating to dial up. On the other hand, it's nice having a full keyboard of keys again. ;)

I should be passed out in bed but between the PMS, time changes, and dozing on most of the flight, I'm feeling pretty wired. I know I'll crash and burn about an hour after I get to work tomorrow. :(

I have so much TV to catch up on (Yay! to my VCRs working). I'm somewhat anxious to see Alias, but I'll probably end up disappointed. Then there's the 'Enterprise' debacle to, uh, probably fast forward over most of. Plus I'll have massive SF reports to post. Honestly, I'm pretty blown away by how much territory we covered and how much time we got to spend with our fellow LJers. I felt fortunate to know you all before and more so now. (Note to Fer, if anyone ever gives you 'The Look' again when talking about your internet friends, inform them that they should be so lucky to know the people we know. They're the ones missing out.)

OK, off to attempt to sleep.

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