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FOX and Their Wacky Scheduling Ways

From TV Guide's website:

IT'S FOX'S TURN: Fox, which announced its fall lineup today, is adding five new dramas and two new comedies next season. The new series include the sitcom Kitchen Confidential, about a chef (Alias' Bradley Cooper) trying to make a comeback (ETA: this is the show that also stars Nick Brendon); Bones, a drama about a forensic anthropologist (Emily Deschanel) who teams up with an agent (Angel's David Boreanaz) to solve crimes (ETA: This will be paired with House on Tuesdays); the legal drama Head Cases, starring Chris O'Donnell, and the high-concept soap Reunion, which chronicles the lives of six friends over the course of 20 years. The twist? Each episode represents one year. Among current shows, Arrested Development is being bounced from Sunday to Monday for the first half of the season, while Malcolm in the Middle will relocate to Fridays at 8:30 pm, following The Bernie Mac Show. Meanwhile, freshman smash House will stay put on Tuesdays until American Idol returns in January, at which point Hugh Laurie and Co. will be paired with 24 on Monday. Got all that?

I honestly don't see how being paired with '24' can hurt 'House', so I'm not fretting about this.
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Let's see, that means David, Nick, Aly, Christian, and Amy have had series picked up for the fall. I think James need to call one of their agents stat.
I think James need to call one of their agents stat.

It boggles the mind! Welcome back! I'm very happy that all of you had such a great time.

Damn them putting Buffy people on new shows that I am going to be forced to watch and either A) love which will ensure their immediate cancellation or 2) hate with a fiery passion making me feel unloyal and also out of step with all the people I'm sure will love it (like Lost).

Also, I intended to start d/l'ing all the House episodes once it was picked up for next year (and I finished d/l'ing all the Veronica Mars) but btefnet is dead now and I am not having much luck with other sites. Anyone have any ideas?
Hey, dollface! _jems_ had a public post a few days ago wherein she listed several BT sites. Go find it! :-)

Also? It was my understanding there was a House community much like Go Pirates, but I'm not sure if that was shut down as well. Eeek.
'Kitchen Confidential' and Christian Kane's new show (whose name escapes me) are the two I'm most looking forward to from the Buffy/Angel alumni. Succeed or fail, I'm just happy that they are getting work outside the Con circuit.

I hope you can find some 'House' downloads, I'd be interesting to get your opinion. I don't know anyone who hates the show, but some can't find the love as I have. Weirdos! ;p
I am d/l'ing the Pilot as I type this. Cross your fingers my site doesn't go bye-bye before I get the rest of them.
I think I'm going to have to create a chart just to keep it all straight!

I'm kinda glad House will be on Mondays, I don't have any shows to watch that night.