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The Much Anticipated House Post

Well, there are at least three of you anticipating it. :p BTW, after noticing a post on the House MD community last week, I managed to find a copy of Vitals Man magazine at the Cleveland airport with the 'House Party' photo spread. Woo Hoo! *Very* nice pics. I highly recommned fans pick up a copy.

Early on in this episode the thought occured to me that doctor's do make the worst patients. House obviously holds responsible the doctors who misdiagnosed him. As well as Stacy for going against his wishes in order to save his life. But, underneath I sense, though he may not be willing to admit it, that he holds himself equally responsible. He didn't catch the mistake either. The interesting question that then arises is he angry at himself because he's, in part, responsible for his current state? Or because Mr I'm Never Wrong was wrong? Or that he, for once in his life, was just like everyone else, accepting/hoping that the easiest and least harmful diagnosis was the correct one instead of digging deeper?

We haven't learned much about Stacy or her relationship with House (yet), but I think we can assume their relationship ended because of her 'betrayal' and he's had a hard time living with that decision ever since. If his anger is not just, it is understandable. He's living with chronic pain and perhaps has convinced himself that without the surgery he would have fully recovered. It's easy to see how that could be his persepective, but it's also easy to see Stacy's, Cuddy's and ours. Unless it's revealed next week that it was conclusively the wrong decision, it seems the chances were about equal that he would have died or ended up even worse off. (Side note: In a recent article I read, originally House was to be confined to a wheelchair - it was FOX's call that he be more mobile. Yes, Virginia, they can make a good decision once in awhile.)

Though the House/Stacy relationship remains sketchy, many other aspects of House's life are revealed. House was a patient in the very same clinic he now runs. Presumably it's Cuddy, his former doctor, who offers him his current position there. Thus meaning she would have known exactly what she was getting herself into having been with him through his ordeal.

I believed early on that, while perhaps not the misanthrope he presents himself to be today, he was never Dr Sunshine. The man had issues long before the leg as we learn when Stacy comments upon his refusal to have his leg amputated that he doesn't believe himself to be worthy of happiness and life. If it wasn't the leg that f***ed him up, what was it? I was a bit concerned having the reveal of how Dr House became Dr House (in terms of the injury) in the first season. Now, we see it's but one piece of the puzzle. There are far more circumstances to be exposed as to how the House persona was formed.

There were numerous structural devices I enjoyed in this episode. The most obvious of which was the three med students mirroring Cameron, Chase, and Forman. Given the silence from the rest of the class, I'll assume they represent the best and brightest. Which makes me wonder if that's how he selected his current staff, they managed to survive taking him on in a classroom, in the hospital, or in an interview one on one.

Then there was the representations of House's memories. Memory is murky under normal circumstances - put two people together in a situation, ask them to recount events seperately, and you're almost sure to get two different recollections. Here, we get memory presented as a combination of fact and fiction. What do we believe? What can we believe? After all, Carmen Electra turns into a farmer. (By the way, kudos to the show for making stunt casting work for a change. )

I could go on and on with the little details.....another poke at Cameron for being too caring and going overboard with patient historys. The writers now seem to be in on the joke regarding Cameron's oversensativity. Did they understand how they were writing her all along or are they trying to correct their previous errors in characterization? House manages to squeeze in one bit of diagnosing as he relizes the doctor he's subbing for is constantly absent due to to his kids toxic coffee mug. And because I'm a big marshmallow on the inside (it's all the sugar I ingest ;), I loved the family feel as Cameron, Chase, Foreman, Wilson, and finally Cuddy, one by one, wander into the room. Sure, they're curious to hear House's version of events, but I also sense they were there to support him. Well, most of them. I still have issues with Chase.

I've probably missed some stuff, but I'm still fairly sleepy and without having the opportunity to watch this again I wanted to get my thoughts down while still fairly fresh in my mind.

Was it just me, or was anyone else not blown away by the Tarantino helmed CSI tonight? 'Without A Trace', on the other hand, did have some surprises in it.

I'm late for some very important dates, but belated Happy Birthdays! to wisteria_ and treacle_a. Hope both you ladies had great ones. :)
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