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I'm Finally Caught Up on My TV VIewing

I was actually entertained by this episode. It had some good character moments including the Jin/Sun reunion (it's sweet how he's trying to atone for his past and, specifically, treatment of her) and Sawyer telling Jack how his father really felt about him. We also had a reminder of what a bitch Shannon could be. Does Sayid recall this incident at all?

Once again, the Kate stuff fell completely flat for me. Did JJ and Co. realize that having the marshall recap Kate's efforts to get her hands on a toy plane only further emphasizes how ridiculous her storyline has been?

Well, this two hours were definitely an improvement over the previous week's yawn fest. Doesn't Irina just make everything better? As cheesy as it was, I actually liked the extended Derevko/Bristow family jumping out of the plane together. And since I'm utterly lost now on this show's mythology, do we know for certian that Nadia is Sloane's daughter? When Jack commented on how wonderful Nadia was and Irina made the comment about which parent she takes after as she smiled at Jack I was wondering if maybe he could be Nadia's father?

Because I'm a big old romantic (at least when it comes to fiction) I loved the Vaughn/Syd stuff. They really should allow MV to be humorous more often. His remark to Marshall about his fear of Jack shooting him on site was delivered perfectly. I know there is a lot of off camera drama surrounding MV and JG, but, damn, I still thought they had some great chemistry in that club scene. Of course, I don't understand what this obsession is with having the heroines on shows enjoy a little rough sex. Though, I was relieved that rather than angsting over it she found the humor in having her father hear the details of her sex life. ;)

Did I mention how great it was to have Irina back? I wonderd what the first thing she was going to do upon seeing Jack - kiss him or punch him? And when she realized that was Nadia? I admit it, I got a bit teary. I know it was a pain in the ass to get Lena back, but she played her scenes beautifully.

ETA: I found it interesting that Jack initially was less than thrilled (to put it mildly) with the prospect of Vaughn as a son in law, not because of his "uselessness" but rather from fear stemming from how much he saw them as being alike. Jack loved/loves Irina as much as Vaughn loves Syd, yet Jack knows from experience that isn't necessarily enough. S/V may not have the pesky double agent drama between them, but Jack knows what an absentee husband and father he was and wishes better for his daughter. While understandable, I'm glad he came to realize he was wrong to assume Vaughn would act as he did.
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