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It was interesting that the finale for a show about housewives actually focused quite a bit on the men. I was thrilled when John pulled the rug from under Gabrielle, but I fear he'll go right back to being her boy toy with Carlos in the slammer. And while I generally like Lynette her insecurities and manipulations born from them were starting to get on my nerves. I thought Tom was going to have enough when the truth was revealed, pack up his bags, and leave her. But his solution? Brilliant! If she thinks she's so damn smart, let her go back to work and support the family. And could he be any worse at controlling the kids than her? I don't think so. It will be a hoot if he starts hanging out with the rest of the women next season.

I'm really hoping Zach/Dana's mom slept around because I'd hate to see Mike saddled with that psycho. Not that I can blame the kid. If his mother's drug use didn't cause some damage, then being lied to by everyone you know (including being told you killed your non-existant sister) would certainly destroy a person.

And what the hell is Mrs Huber's sister up to? Why does she want Zach in her care so badly? Why rat out Mike?

I can't believe they killed Rex. Actually, I can, since I had this feeling someone on the show was going to die. Did he die believing Bree was poisening him? And will George be found out as the real culprit? Marcia Cross was just terrific, First, trying to keep it together at the hospital and, later, when the facade finally crumbled.

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